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  3. 1. There is no such thing as pre ready 1st passphrase. Had to claim it ourselves and there were no 2nd passphrase at the time. I still dont get it how already claimed 1st passphrase can still be obtained by other person to claim other people 2nd passphrase. Hello, As mentioned by Founder please carefully understand the mechanism here: 1) Your ETPS username and password is exposed to someone else when we open for Pasphrase claimed within 11 months duration. Solution : If you'r the right owner of the DDK account you have to get the "first passphrase" and RIGHT AWAY create "second passphrase" to avoid any other party trying to takeover your account. 2) Your place that you keep the passphrase is keeping online in email or your computer that expose to any "Trojan" or 'Keylogger". Solution : Please print your passphrase and keep offline. With this method no one can get your passphrase. Me myself also print out all passphrase and keep offline for big account to avoid any risks. HTere are possibility that this issue persist that caused to your 1st Passphrase taken by someone else. Thus the person can do your 2nd Passphrase. If that is the case, we cannot control the situation as the passphrase is under the users custody. During the 1st Mainnet launched we have put the important notification in the Mainnet Dashboard as below: Kindly take note.
  4. Hi. I'm here, it's not funny but. The price of DDK go to dump times to times, hours to hours, days to days, weeks to weeks, etc. However, we still stand by here. For DDK. Thanks BSP
  5. Apakah mainnet lagi gangguan?

    Sebab ktk sy vote ke 8 tdk muncul SR di dashboard!

    Dan di riwayat muncul "REQUEST TIME OUT FROM API" mohon pencerahannya? TerimakasihScreenshot_20190920-082336_Chrome.thumb.jpg.ab289ae4d83d6835185e7b3469a55af6.jpg


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      Boleh tuan post soalan tuan itu di bahagian "complaints & report" di forum:


      terima kasih

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  7. Thank you Dato for your reply. It take sometime for me to tabulate the table and study the coins history. The coins of course need sometime to increase it price, and it would be great if DDK have more market place in CMC that can help to increase the price faster . But since DDK is only 5 months young I am sure the management has come out with strategies to increase DDK price.
  8. yang pasti dulu..SIMEX turut prihatin atas bearish ya DDK...dan memberi solusi... beda dengan orang DDK..."tak apa2 turun"....tanpa solusi..
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  10. Yes we have that. Please download from this links untuk Bahasa Melayu ya : TQ
  11. Adakah documen pdf yang berbahasa indonesia atau melayu dato @Arai_Ezzra
  12. Alternative option to dump ddk. However 20% payable is high. Is it opened only to swap ddk or others coins? Also note that ddk (coin) exchange to SIMX token is totally 2 different animal. Need to clarify further. t
  13. 1. There is no such thing as pre ready 1st passphrase. Had to claim it ourselves and there were no 2nd passphrase at the time. I still dont get it how already claimed 1st passphrase can still be obtained by other person to claim other people 2nd passphrase. 2. Remaining account is not the problem here. Please advise on the stolen passphrase account
  14. In our migration phase we have comeout some documents to understand DEEPER on why we need to migrate from CENTRALIZE system to DECENTRALIZE system. Some input and info also can be read from this thread : In you want to get more understand why need to SWAP or MIGRATE you can also refer from this article from COINDESK : Please download the attachment file to read more deeper about "DECENTRALIZE ECOSYSTEM OF DNC & DDK" on PDF below : Behind the Decentralized Ecosystem of DNC.pdf
  15. Dear @Chris89, Anytime before making any transaction please do check in our nodes list for the status of network and connections from here : Since the nature of DDK system is decentralize and distributed it will have some nodes which is up and down. Please monitor the block before making any transaction that can also be refer from this DDK Explorer :
  16. We would like to let you know about unique limited opportunities in connection with our trading platform: 1. Cut your losses of DDK becoming a shareholder of Simex!* We are well aware of the significant price decrease of DDK tokens. Unless you have a time machine, you may incur significant losses. However, we are offering the following: If you buy SIMX** tokens, the Simex Platform will offer you to exchange your DDK tokens at the presale price ($180 USD) for SIMX tokens. A SIMX token is a digital representation of shares of common stock of Simex Group Inc. – a publicly-traded company incorporated under the law of the State of Nevada, USA. Simex Group Inc. through its subsidiaries and affiliates owns and controls a Simex Platform, a licensed cryptocurrency exchange organized and existing under the laws of the European Union. DDK tokens will be exchanged for SIMX tokens at the exchange rate of the trading price of SIMX tokens. The DDK tokens price will be calculated at their original presale price of $180 per token. The exchange amount is limited to the price paid for the SIMX tokens. Example: If you purchase SIMX tokens in the amount of $1,000 USD, then you will receive an additional number of SIMX tokens by exchanging your DDK tokens (at pre resale price equals to 180$ USD per DDK) up to the maximum of $1,000 USD. 2. Purchase shares of American public companies through Simex Platform.*** All SIMEX exchange clients holding DDK tokens have an opportunity to transfer their account management to professional investment advisors licensed in the United States in order to form an investment portfolio from US (NASDAQ and NYSE) and Europe (London Stocks Exchange) publicly and privately traded companies (listed as STO at Simex) and their corresponding shares, if the price of their total digital assets in BTC, ETH, or USDT is higher than $1,000 USD. All DDK tokens holders are eligible to apply for the offer. The minimum period is 3 months. You will pay a fee of 20% of the profit earned. If you are interested, please amend the settings of your account as follows: add as a “trader” in your account management Sila kaji..dan apa pendapat anda..
  17. Dear admin, We would like to know why we can't open the mainnet most of all links up to nowdays, any info please Tq
  18. You buy with me gold and will pay you with candy ❤
  19. Assalamualaikum.. So why DNC migration to DDK?we all know DNC is pre ICO before go to the real crypto curenncy with decentralized system,but...if DNC still avalaible in DINEX why DNC not migration from DNC to DNC?why DNC to DDK?if we talk about cause it is pre ICO so why DNC very expensive before?and look at the price now..OMG. Many people talking DDK is a limited supply but too easy to make new DDK everymonths by staking reward,and impact to the DDK price becomes low...cause everybody sell a lot of DDK on GE when they get their SR. So what do u mean about limited supply?
  20. Salam kenal jg @ddkoin, semoga selalu bisa berbagi ilmu dan hal2 positif
  21. Salam kenal selamat datang di ddk forum @Hamid Hamidi, salam kenal jg buat anda, semoga kita bisa belajar bersama di forum ini
  22. Salam perkenalan juga @Suratno. Ya, kami semua belajar & berkongsi bersama-sama.
  23. 1 = What we can learn from here on this use cases, - Any DDK account that born and coming from ETPS is "compulsary" to create 2nd Passphrase to ensure that you're the RIGHT ownership of that account so no one can takoever your account and even DDK Foundation team also and developers did not know as 2nd Passphrase is "USER SIDE ENCRYPTION" that use BIP39 Encryption when u create. We have to know that our Pre-order ETPS migration from centralise to decentralize is done auto mapping to all users with pre-ready address and 1st Passphrase. After done migration to blockchain based asset DDK, all pre-order ETPS user have to take ownership of that account and keep their own asset safely. 2 = Hope remaining account has been done to create 2nd Passphrase
  24. @JCM , we're actually in the process of challenging the law & power of Demand & Supply in crypto currency product. By theory and fundamental rules, we know that Limited Supply will win at the end. Maybe when you research and find out answer of this photo might make you understand more further on your question :
  25. Salam perkenalan. Semoga mendapat pembelajaran dari forum ini. Tk.
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