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  2. Hello DDK Stakeholders, The COVID-19 Pandemic is spreading fast and affecting a lot of people around us. Many people have lost their jobs and things have been so difficult for them that they can’t go on without external help. In order to help these people, the DDK Platform has initiated DUREF, a pioneering decentralized Charity program that utilizes DDK Blockchain platform to ensure transparency in aiding people in need. DUREF has now opened its’ doors to help people in need and is accepting applications. Please read the poster for further information on the eligibility criteria of people who can receive aid. Helping people is a noble deed and this is why we encourage all DDK Stakeholders to join DUREF in helping the people in need and generously donate to DUREF. Thank you. Please note that all transactions for DDK DUREF Main-net account are transparent and open for public at DDK Explorer. Please use the link below to view. DDK Explorer: For more information on DUREF, please consider this link: For Forum Updates on DUREF please consider this link: To Get Latest News, Please Join Our DDK forum: Visit DDK Website: Join the DDK community Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Quora: Telegram: Instagram: Blog:
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  4. Hi DDK Stakeholders, When the Moon of Eid arises, it brings happiness and excitement with itself. May your life always stay filled with such amusing excitement and happiness. On this beautiful occasion, do not forget those who are suffering from COVID-19 and we pray that Allah may bless them with health and happiness too. Happy Eid! Keep supporting DDK & DUREF. Below are some of the useful links if you want to get more information. Visit DDK Website: Join the DDK community Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Quora: Telegram: Instagram:
  5. Hi DDK Stakeholders, We have some great news for you! DDKoin is now available on Surface Exchange! Yes, that’s another exchange from where you can benefit from DDKoins. Since DDK pairs in Surface Exchange it enables the following: DDK/BTC DDK/ETH DDK/USDT DDK/IDRT DDK will be base currency to the upcoming listing coin on Surface Exchange No fees charged for Deposit and withdrawals. Here is the Link: Keep supporting DDK. Below are some of the useful links if you want to get more information. Visit DDK Website: Join the DDK community Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Quora: Telegram: Instagram:
  6. Mungkin semua orang Indonesia cuman aktif di DDK Indonesia Facebook group tetapi tidak disini :
  7. Selamat datang ke forum @alexsetiawan , Teruskan edukasi dan pelajari Blockchain dan Crypto Currency ilmu yang sangat luas dan teknologi yang bergerak cepat ini
  8. Life is all about staking. You stake your money to get an education. Then you stake your time or your life to earn money in jobs. The money you earn is then staked to get a comfortable lifestyle. Your comfortable lifestyle is then staked to bringing up your children and so on. A better place to stake You stake something to get another thing in return. So, what if I were to tell you that there is a platform where staking is not only safe, the process is also transparent and the rewards are great! Yes, this is a world built on the blockchain technology. It’s called the DDK Platform and here is how you can benefit from staking your DDKoins there. Staking and Voting on DDK Platform DDK is a platform that offers decentralized staking based on cryptography and mathematical running. It is a community-based platform that makes attractive financial opportunities by the utilization of blockchain technology. On this unique platform, people earn money by staking crypto coins and voting for delegates. On the DDK Platform, there are two main runners of the show. They are the Stakeholders and the Delegates. These people make the decentralized staking based on cryptography and mathematical running possible. Wondering who the stakeholders and delegates are and what they do? Lets break it to you. The Stakeholders: Users on the platform that have DDKoins and enjoy an important role in staking DDKoin and voting for the Delegates. The Delegates: A delegate is a democratically elected stakeholder who is given the trusted position to process and manage transactions on the DDK platform. Contrastingly to the other blockchain-based projects offering cryptos, instead of focusing on the miners, the DDK platform involves staking rewards to compensate the stakeholders. This is a new trend for blockchain-powered projects and it’s very beneficial too. Want to know something even more interesting? Read on… Initially, the staking rewards start at 10% and this continues for the first 12 months. Then after every 6 months, you get to see a decline in the percentage by 2%. The decline continues until the stalking rewards reach 2%. So, what happens after that? Well, after that, there is no further decline and the staking reward stays constant. You must also consider that the entire process depends on the voting of delegates. Yes, voting is important. Stakeholders can vote for delegates and unlike the normal world, where the voter gets nothing, on the DDK Platform, the voters get a percentage of the delegate’s earnings they voted for. Now isn’t that fair? For more info, you may refer to If you are interested in voting you can use this link of DDK Mainnet: Massive Room for Growth and Benefits Before investing in any project, one considers the room of growth. Thankfully, DDKoin has a lot of it. Let me explain. DDKoin has a limited supply of 45 million coins and from this total limited amount, only 8.6% is pre-mined. This means that majority of the coin bank remains unmined. Furthermore, DDK already has an existing community of 180k users, and a low fee factor supports it. This makes it highly suitable for micro-payment. Looking for more benefits? We won’t disappoint you! DDK employs DPoS, a democratic protocol with the most decentralized consensus. This system allows users to get enhanced financial benefits that are also secure. In a nutshell, the DDK Platform is time-saving, cost-effective, and is even secured by a passphrase that allows for swift transactions. Now, what more can you ask for? Register at the forum by using this link below and start reaping the massive rewards the DDK Platform has in store for you. And once you are here, don’t forget to keep supporting DDK. Below are some of the useful links if you want to get more information. Visit DDK Website: Join the DDK community Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Quora: Telegram: Instagram: The post There’s No Place Better For Staking & Voting Than The DDK Platform appeared first on DDK BLOGS. View the full article
  9. Product promotion and endorsement nowadays are not limited in television, radio or in news paper. Many entrepreneurs opted to sell or promote online using social media platforms instead of those conventional means. These means of promotion is not a secret as far as our knowledge is concern and not complicated to use. But the question is, how some folks maximize their promotion and compete to those people using the same platform as they were? They use those what they called "Vloggers" or "influencer" to promote the product. If management will use or adapt the same method, it would make a big impact in the market. Idea is to educate a people who had already an influence in any social media platform. Feed him all the knowledge he/she needs. Offer him/her free DDK for the effort he/she's going to take. In my opinion, it would be best if you choose an influencer from different fields(e.g accounting, marinitme, education, food industry etc.). They will act as the leader of their respective industry. Hope this idea will help a lot to promote this technology.
  10. Hello DDKoiner’s, I will explain a little of my experience that has felt the bitter and sweetness in the world of blockchain. Having participated in Bitconnect, ICO has a variety of cryptos that lead to scams, coins that cost down to -95%, and so forth. Hopefully this idea will be useful for all stakeholders who are equally struggling with the reawakening of DDKoin in ETPS. The following are: 1. Immediately create demand by re-using gold underlying, as before. Not dinars, but grams. 1 DDK = 1 Gram. Due to the fact that many DDKoin stakeholders from the start were those who were > 30 years old, they were business people who needed a guarantee. If possible, re-create physical DDKoin gold that can be used by people as a special promotional media to those who do not understand about the cryptocurrency blockchain. 2. Social media. I used to know crypto starting from YouTube, beginning with the profit interest of many programs offered through young YouTuber channel explaining ICO programs. Immediately do a soft selling by inviting YouTubers who specifically discuss crypto to review about DDKoin. 3. Use a marketing reward system to downline seekers like during ETPS. to those who have a certain number of downlines, give a kind of reward. Basically, the spirit of a leader is from a reward or reward for moving forward to find the market. 4. Immediately listing on Global Exchanger which has a large market, such as in Indonesia there is INDODAX. A few of my short ideas, hopefully they can generate DDKoin demand in the near future. Aminnn. Good luck for all of our stakeholders.
  11. Hi DDK Stakeholders, We hope all of you are staying safe in the current COVID-19 pandemic situation. Since DUREF has been busy helping those in need in the lockdown situation, here is a Weekly Report Update on the applications received by DUREF and their outcomes. This report highlights all activities carried out from 11th May to 17th May. 🗓 All transactions for DDK DUREF Main-net account is transparent and open for public at DDK Explorer. Please use the link below to view. DDK Explorer: For more information on DUREF, please consider this link: To Get Latest News, Please Join Our DDK forum: Visit DDK Website: Join the DDK community Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Quora: Telegram: Instagram: Blog:
  12. Hi, Here is a Weekly Report Update on applications received by DUREF and their outcomes for Week 3, May 2020. All transactions for DDK DUREF Main-net account is transparent and open for public at DDK Explorer. Below are the explorer tracking address sent. Country of Residence: Indonesia Types of Problems Faced During COVID-19 Outbreak: Business who lost his income Reliefs Assistance Amount (in DDK): 20 DDK DDK Explorer: Remarks: Unable to work and need to self-quarantined Please also consider to click below link to view: For more information on DUREF, please consider this link:
  13. I would like to make suggestion regards to our platform. I'm a seafarer and sometimes I'm having difficulty to track the time (platform time) as we move around the world. Plus, internet connectivity is another issue. So I will take this opportunity to offer some suggestion. 1. Is it possible to use GMT as our fixed base time in DDK platform? 2. Could we add some countdown timer for every stake like the way ETPS was ran? 3. Let say if countdown was completed and voting is now possible, it is good if VOTE button will instantly appear and once press, those only that we haven't voted yet will appear. Excluding those already been voted. In this case, we don't need to navigate much and somehow survive from connectivity issues in our network onboard. Maybe this idea is too much or maybe non sense for somebody. I wasn't expecting this to be treated as priority, but atleast, I brought up what's in my mind. These simple things will be a great healp for those people like me. Thank you for listening...
  14. In my point of view, understanding new technology like blockchain technology are not so difficult for those people who has background in IT, engineerings, enthusiast or any profession related. But how about those people in other fields? Specially those people living in provinces or rural areas where this kind of technology is not so familiar. Talking to them using techy language is kinda hard for them or takes time to digest and absorb. So my suggestion is, why not make any promotions or any visual presentation that can be easily understand. Why not create some analogous presentation that they may easily visualize this technology and can get benefited? Yes, we are like teaching like ABC and 1+1 for those people can't easily comprehend in this kind of innovations. Lets take this as an example, in promoting or introducing blockchain technology, how can we explain or show them it in a simpler way? My idea is to create an animated clip where blockhains are compared as ledger, and once transaction is carried out, it will be put in the block. Something like that. Yes, me too, I'm not that well versed in blockchain and I'm having a hard time to understand and research thoroughly due to my other priorities in life, but somehow, I can pick up the basic idea behind it, not as much as you do guys. But what important is the basic idea of blockchain. Furthermore, this educational video clips has to be compiled, whether it is created by the foundations or one of event winner, and make it availble for download. In this effort, we can easily dissiminate and impart the technology that DDK may bring.
  15. ini info Graphic dari konten sebelumya. sekarang saya langsung mengetik menggunakan bahasa indonesia. Karena Posting sebelumnya setelah saya cek, ada terjemah yang tak sesuai dari yang saya ketik, dan tak bisa di edit. oleh sebab itu mohon pada admin forums ini sediakan fitur edit. melihat gambar di atas pasti banyak di antara anggota group ini mengatakan ini mustahil. tapi itulah kenyataan dari blockchain yang di rajai oleh BTC. BTC akan UP Sampai pada titik tertentu, dan BTC Down sampai titik tertentu. Hal itu di dukung oleh para trader dari belehan dunia yang satu visi dalam grafik. Grafik adalah cara Trader membaca pergerakan Pasar "Up Trand/Down Trand". Pada Saat BTC sudah mencapai Titik tertinggi, BTC akan kembali down/dump, karena para trader di dunia sepakat bahwa btc sudah mencapai titik tertinggi, mereka berasumsi bahwa Btc harus kembali Down. Dari mana mereka mempunyai Asumsi yang sama? Karena mereka mempelajari buku grafik yang sama. Kenapa ada prediksi salah padahal sudah sesuai dengan buku yang dipelajari? Bukan Salah prediksi, Tapi setiap Prediksi yang di dapat dari grafik itu sifatnya mempunyai 2 kemunkinan, dan karenanya ada istilah stop loss. Kembali ke pembahasan gambar di atas. Lalu apa hubungannya dengan gambar di atas? 1. Saat DDK ditukar dengan BTC yang mau Dump, Maka pemilik aset DDK setuju Dengan Harga BTC/$, oleh sebab itu DDK akan mengikuti Grafik BTC/$ yang Dump, Dan sangat Di sayangkan karena DDK harus Turun 2 Kali lipat, karena Sebelumnya DDK/BTC Telah Diturunkan oleh BTC saat BTC mau Up. 2. Saat DDK ditukar dengan BTC yang mau Up, maka pemilik aset DDK setuju Dengan Harga BTC/$, oleh sebab itu DDK akan mengikuti Grafik BTC/$ yang Up, Dan ini Sangat Menguntungkan DDK. karena DDK harus Naik 2 Kali lipat, Karena Sebelumnya DDK/BTC Telah Up saat BTC mau Dump Karena tak adanya pertukaran DDK/BTC. Munkin 2 point terakhir agak sulit di mengerti oleh semua orang, Tapi saya yakin Bahwa DDKFoundation pasti bisa memahami yang saya maksudkan. Oleh karena itu saya meminta Pada Founder DDKFoundation ( dato @Arai_Ezzra ) Agar DDKFoundation Memiliki Trader yang Pakar CryptoGrafi, Tujuannya Agar Harga DDK Cepat Bisa mengejar CryptoCurrency yang lain, Pergerakan Pasarnya Cepat, Dan DDK berjaya Di Kancah CryptoCurrency. Dari Teori yang saya sajikan di atas Hanya Sebagian Cara Agar Harga DDK Up. Dilain Waktu Insya Allah saya akan membahas bagaimana Cara Agar Transaksi Pasar DDK Bisa Stabil, Dan Pergerakannya Cepat. file asli Pembahasan saya kali ini, sudah saya siapkan di bawah ini dalam bahasa indonesia. file name ddk2.txt format file Txt silahkan download dan Terjemahkan ke dalam bahasa anda! ddk2.txt
  16. Nowadays, social media has become an idol for many people to do promotions. People who have a lot of fans, followers, and friends on their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others can become influencers. Influence on social media is an opportunity to promote a product or service to followers, friends, or fans. Every person who has a social media account can undoubtedly be a promoter of a product or service. So, why didn't DDKoin utilize the power of the promoter for promotion and increase demand ?. The way it works is relatively easy: give DDKoin rewards to each promoter who shares DDK campaigns to their social media accounts. DDK Foundation only provides media to bring promoters and advertisers together. The advertiser creates a campaign using DDKoin as a budget; then the promoter shares the campaign link to their social media accounts to get DDKoin rewards. Maybe the media was included in the DDK Forum section or created a new subdomain via the link. For example, DDKoin rewards for promoters: 0,0001 for each promoter sharing the link campaign. 0,001 for each action a friend or follower promoter shares a link campaign to his social media account. 0.01 for actions to purchase or register through a link campaign. ARP is still running, stakeholders DDKoin through the site created by the DDK Foundation can promote their ARP links that will be shared by promoters. Or DDK stakeholders have a product or service that they want to promote, please create a campaign and pay using DDKoin; then the campaign will be shared on various social media accounts by promoters. Through the very real power of promoters, DDKoin will quickly become viral in various circles. Even promoters who don't know DDK will surely share and distribute DDK to their friends or followers to get rewards. A small reward is not a problem for the promoter, because the task is quite easy: register as a promoter on the site (owned by the DDK Foundation), then choose a link campaign to share with social media accounts. DDK will be viral everywhere, profits to the DDK Foundation, advertisers, and promoters. Thank You
  17. Welcome to the forum!
  18. Perkenalkan nama saya Asep Ekas Somantri. Saya berasal dari Indonesia. Saya tertarik sama DDK karna DDK punya blockchain sendiri dan menggunakan metode DPOS. saya jg punya Telegram Channel Yuk di tunggu d Channel nya
  19. Mana nih para penggemar DDKOIN dari Indonesia? kita berdiskusi yuk disini, atau bisa juga kalian gabung di Telegram Channel saya Yuk di tunggu di channel nya.
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  21. Introduction: Theory A. At the moment Bitcoin Goes Up pair * DDK/BTC is down * DDK/$ Up B. At the moment Bitcoin Goes Down The DDK/BTC Pair is 20% -Now, 30% -Standard, 50% -Down. * DDK/BTC = Up If No Buy/Sell Transaction Occurs, Even In Pair DDK/$ No Transaction occurs. * DDK/BTC Stagnan (Despite Buy/Sell) When At The Same Time There Are Many Buy at Pair DDK/$. * DDK/BTC Down In the case of a buy/sell transaction (in the DDK/$ pair there is not much Buy.) The point of my discussion of Points A-B is * DDK/$ Up to 50% At BTC/$ Up to 100%, (When DDK/BTC Transaction Occurs) * DDK/$ decreased75% At BTC/$ Down50%, (in the event of DDK/BTC transaction) From the theory I presented above it is very easy to raise the price of DDK. just to cancel all buy order pending at the time of bitcoin to Dump, we move all buy/sell order pending to pair USD, RM, IDR, and all other currencies, other than cryptocurrency. My Request/Suggestion on DDKFoundation 1. TraderBitcoin Or a Crypto Graphic expert who specializes in predicting Bitcoin Prices, He only works to monitor Bitcoin Movements, And Notifies the Foundation When Bitcoin Goes Up And When Bitcoin Goes Down. 2. Commander Trader DDK, He Works Giving Command to GroupTraderDDK “open order DDK/BTC, Stop open order DDK/BTC, Stop Loss/Cut Loss, Transfer all DDK/BTC open order pending transactions to DDK/USD, DDK/RM, DDK/IDR, Upon Receiving Information From Foundations Analyzed Bitcoin Trader, about bitcoin prices. why should DDK use the btc pair when the btc goes down, if the consequence is the price of DDK decreases? why don't we take advantage of the downward momentum and the rise in BTC? When Btc Declines We have the advantage to increase the DDK/BTC Pair When BTC goes up, we have the advantage to increase the pair DDK/$. 1 time we successfully do that momentum, then we succeeded in raising the price of DDK 50%, isn't this really worth doing from us DDK fell 50%. that's all from me Bismillaah211 (Emadura4) hopefully This will be the beginning of the increase in DDK prices. Sorry if there is English that is not understood, I'm ready, the original file in Indonesian, please the DDKFoundation admin for review, hopefully useful, wassalamu alaikum ....... Greetings DDK skyrocketed. ddk teori.txt
  22. Hi Everyone, The COVID19 Pandemic is disrupting businesses everywhere. People are observing self-isolation in government-imposed lockdowns to keep everyone safe. Many industries have adapted to these new changes and we believe that Digital Technology will play a strong part in the current scenario. Keeping in view the emerging trends, Our CEO Ms Nurshuhada Zainal appeared at the popular morning show on Malaysia TV1. It was a great show and if you have missed it for some reason, here is a link to its recording. She talked on the following points: 🎙 1. New norm - living in SOPs 2. Business online & digital marketing 3. Work from Home with communication Apps and software 4. Home based schooling on familiarizing the new norm 5. Blockchain & cryptocurrency / digital asset for faster & secured transaction If you like the show, do share it with your family and friends so they can benefit from it too. For more information on the DDK Platform and latest updates please Like and Follow @ceoddkofficial Facebook Page. For News Updates Join DDK forum: Visit DDK Website: Join the DDK community Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Quora: Telegram: Instagram: Blog:
  23. Hello DDK Stakeholders! There are only 2 days left for the DDK Bounty Contest Round 3 to end. Yes, it will conclude on 22nd May 2020 and you have only 48 hours left to win the 15DDK reward. If you haven’t participated yet, you can do it right now. All you’ll need to do is register at our forum and share your Idea/suggestion. Here is the link to the DDK forum: For further details and requirements please read our DDK Bounty Contest Round 3 blog: Hurry up! Don’t miss this chance to win 15 DDK as reward. (T&C applied) Good luck! Keep supporting DDK! Get Latest News Join our DDK forum: Visit DDK Website: Join the DDK community Blog: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Quora: Telegram: Instagram: Blog:
  24. Hi Everyone, The COVID19 Pandemic has hit us hard. Many things have changed in every industry. Perhaps the industry that can help us the most in current times is the Digital Technology. As DDK Team keeps the DDK community updated and shares relevant information on emerging trends, Our CEO Ms. Nurshuhada Zainal will be appearing at the popular morning show on Malaysia TV1 to talk on the topic "New Norm in Digital Technology. 🎙 The TV session will start tomorrow (20 May 2020) at Malaysia TV1 from 9:30 am to 10:00 am (Malaysia Time) so make sure you attend it. For more information on the DDK Platform and latest updates please Like and Follow @ceoddkofficial Facebook Page. For News Updates Join DDK forum: Visit DDK Website: Join the DDK community Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Quora: Telegram: Instagram: Blog:
  25. Hi DDK Stakeholders! DDK Bounty Contest Round 2: Create.Design.WIN! was an exciting one. We got to see impressive infographics and the creativity of DDK stakeholders just blew us away. One of the infographics that we simply loved was from Ms Lisa Ariana - Cryptobintang (@cryptobintang) She captioned her post in the following words: “DDKOIN Forums are the best place to interact with like-minded people. You can share your ideas, problems, questions and solution to people who are in the same field as you. #DDKFORUM #DDKBOUNTYCONTEST” We congratulate Ms Lisa Ariana for her creativity and amazing designs and on winning the prize for DDK Bounty Contest Round 2: Create.Design.WIN! If you want to be a winner like Ms Lisa Ariana you can always participate in DDK Bounty Contest Round 3 “WE HEARD YOU”. It will continue until 22nd May 2020 so you still have 3 days to participate. You can find all the details in this blog here: For News Updates Join DDK forum: Visit DDK Website: Join the DDK community Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Quora: Telegram: Instagram:
  26. Hi Everyone! Mutant Blockchain Academy (MBA) is an online education system that is fully supported by the DDK Foundation. It gives important and beneficial education related to the Blockchain technology. Educational content will be uploaded regularly on the Facebook Page of MBA: It’s a place where you can enhance your skills for the future. So, if you are interested in learning more about the uses of the Blockchain Technology, we encourage you to like our page and share it with your friends and family so that they can benefit from the education too. You can also vote for us in DDK Platform. Delegate DDK_Mutant_Academy. If you still have something to ask, please join our forum using this link: Keep supporting DDK! Visit DDK Website: Join the DDK community Blog: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Quora: Telegram: Instagram: Blog:
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