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  2. A security that can eliminate bogus transaction, giving a high confidence for both buyers and sellers to do transactions without having a second thought or fear that they might got victimize.
  3. Is there any developer or anybody already integrating our ddk to E-commerce industry? What I mean is not just only by simple payment, or p2p transfer. Something like integrating to some e-commerce platform, as a payment solution with added securities for both seller and buyer. Eliminating those bogus parties by utilizing our ddk block chain technology.
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    Thanks @maggiemae for the info. Anyway, try this new mainnet links. I guessed they've created new while those previous links are under maintenance.
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    The waiting is killing me....due for voting now
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  8. I would like to know whether or not the Mainnets are ready? Coz as I've tried to login to the servers, I am unable to login in due to the notice that says "Wallet is down. Check network status on debugger." As I check it most Mainnets were green. Please someone care to explain as to why this is happening. Thank you.
  9. Hello @Iamced. Same here. Not to worry, it will be restored. Sharing this: Important Announcement SOFT-FORK activity for the Airdrop-Reloaded Program (ARP) Published by ddkoin on February 19, 2020 Hello all DDK Blockchain Users & Stakeholders. There will be a SOFT-FORK activity estimated time tonight Singapore Time for the Airdrop-Reloaded Program (ARP) deployment process on Mainnet DDK Blockchain. Please be reminded that DO NOT MAKE any transactions during the process running. However, after entire DDK NODES is stabilized you may do transactions in DDK Mainnet as usual. You may refer to this link as references on the downtime of the DDK Nodes to check on the availability – (Click PROD+DELEGATE). To reiterate, you will be experience a wallet downtime and any transactions done during the deployment process will not be applicable. Kindly check Block heights before you make any transactions. The SOFT-FORK BLOCK HEIGTS “1,783,434” in DDK Blockchain MAIN-NET will happen estimated time as at 23:00 Singapore Time (SGT). Therefore after that process done, kindly check the DDK-DEBUGGER link for your references to do any transactions when the DDK-CORE is stabilized and deployment of ARP is finalized. In Addition, ARP Allocation has been distributed from Genesis Address “13566253584516829136” into our new ARP Address Allocation : “11283137848848308884”. Any further inquiries, please approach LIVE SUPPORT at and discussion FORUMS at DDK Management team would like to seek your cooperation during this process as we want to ensure that it will be a smooth & successful SOFT-FORK for DDK Blockchain to enable this Airdrop-Reloaded Program (ARP) to you. For the details of ARP and promotions related, you need to seek your DELEGATES advise. We hope that this program created for you in DDK Blockchain may give you the BEST FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS programs in the cryptoworld! #RoadtoARPSoftLAunchingCeremony Apologize for any inconvenience. Your Cooperation is Highly Appreciated. Regards, DDK MANAGEMENT
  10. Thank you. I was also contemplating on this.
  11. From DDk mainnet to Exchanger markets DDk to BTC then you can withdraw from exchanger to your wallet..(Payeer wallet) is most easy and simple as I do. within the wallet exchange btc to usd. .seleect transfer just choose Visa. just simple jusrt type in only number of your visa wtihin 2min it will debited to your account.
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  13. Hello, Does the mainnet is already ok as of now? Upon checking my accounts, all of it returning me with ZERO ddk, both frozen and liquid. Though I noticed that blockchain was unstable and stucking at certain heights, I just would like to clarify the issue I'm having in. Again, I have ZERO frozen and liquid DDK, and I doubted that I missed my passphrase as history from past transactions are still intact. FYI, I've already clear my caches, cookies etc. Looking for your kind assistance.
  14. Hi @Sal You may follow an existing discussion here for further information. Regards, Support NELI
  15. Hi @umar Kindly let us know of your email address so we can check our records regarding your blacklisted account report. Regards, Support NELI
  16. If you were done exploring these and none were available anymore, you can start down voting delegates. Just go to My votes under delegates tab. Tick Up to 3 delegates you want to down vote. Then Down Vote button will appear at upper right corner Then press. Presto, you now have available delegates to vote in.
  17. Hi. Webwallet Mainnet should be accessible by now. We just had maintenance last Wednesday, Feb 12, 2020 | refer: Let us know if you have any other concerns. Regards, Support NELI
  18. When the names we can vote for are over When the names we can vote for are over How do we vote then?
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  20. When the names we can vote for are over
    How do we vote then?Voting.png.35e3ecd7a4d8f769a5884b4a95844e65.png

  21. CLEAR PROCESS FLOW HOW STAKEHOLDERS & TRADER COULD EXCHANGE THEIR DDKOIN INTO FIAT Type of crypto that can be exchanged with DDKOIN may be add up from time to time. Ramitano and Luno is may very popular for Local user in Malaysia to liquid their crypto. Name of the exchanger may be differ for each country. example : Indonesia will use INDODAX.
  22. Where Can I Trade DDKOIN? DDKOIN can be traded below listed EXCHANGER : Recommended Exchanger ( My priority Trading List 1 - 4 ) Exmarkets VinDAX Dobi FinexBox REMARK : If you attention is to do TRADING in the exchanger, Always SELL HIGH & BUY LOW
  23. Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone... My name is Sabli Dahrin from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Working as Freelance Graphic Designer. Nice Knowing you...
  24. the main net is down for the last one hour Can the management advice pls
  25. bagaimana ddkoin ini, kami terjebak di dalam simex. seharusnya management mempertimbangkan dulu segala aspek sebelum announcement akan exit dari simex. Karena kecerobohan kalian, banyak stakeholders yang sangat dirugikan !

    tolong segera selesaikan masalah kalian dengan simex. jangan kami stakeholders yang dirugikan akibat permasalahan kalian.



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