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    @Khairudin, @saifulpol, @laBorer If my calculations are consistent, we still have 16 more days from today (7/21/2020) so ARP will be depleted by August 6, 2020. In the last 7 days consumption is almost 6,000 DDK per day. At that rate or 0.66% consumption daily, the remaining 97,589 remaining DDK as of this writing will be consumed in more or less 16 days. The management posted this in FB and Telegram so expect that demand will shoot up and will probably depleted earlier than expected. So next question is what is next? In recent replies of the management regarding possible airdrops, it was mentioned that there is plan yet on Airdrop or ARP 3.0. It was never mentioned in the timeline too. So we will rely more on the staking reward which will also be reduced this November from 10% to 8%. This is also good news as we are reducing the supply in the market. We can still drive demand and educated new stakeholders. By doing so, we are increasing the value of DDKoin. Keep staking! Z
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    Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization or Cryptocurrency Market Cap is a useful metric to know the real value of cryptocurrency. Market cap = Total Circulating Supply x Price of each coin. In other words, it is a product of the coin’s circulating supply and the price of each coin. For example If “Coin x” has 10,000,000 coins in circulation and each coin is worth $7, the A Coin’s market cap will be 10,000,000 x 7 = $70,000,000 Similarly, if “Coin y" is worth $10 and has 50,000 coins in circulation, its market cap will be 50,000*10 = $500,000. So, even if the individual price of Coin Y is more than that of Coin X, the overall value of Coin X is much more than Coin Y. This is why market cap is a better indicator of a company’s worth than the price of its individual tokens. Credit to https://blockgeeks.com/guides/cryptocurrency-market-cap/ In one of the videos of Blockstream, they compared all the website where DDKoin is listed. They have featured that Coinranking is the most updated and most reliable price index website where DDK is listed. Enjoy the video and learn! Thank you Blockstream Channel.
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    Currently DDK is not yet viewable in Tradingview.com. Trading view is not part of the listing of DDKoin.
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    Hello guys, here i posted all the web wallet that available for DDK Mainnet . However before you make the transaction you are asked to confirm the following : 1) Check Debugger on which wallet is running at : https://debugger.ddkoin.com/node - The ID for wallet name is based on "DDK-COREXXX" (XXX is the name of the wallet ID 1 - 17) 2) Once you make sure the wallet is running you are logged in and should see the current block in sync with your current location at this page on DDK Mainnet wallet : https://XXX.ddkoin.com/blockchain (XXX is the name of the wallet ID) 3) To Confirm that your transaction is stamp on the block and distributed to all DDK nodes you can check the transaction confirmation from DDK Explorer : - https://explorer.ddkoin.com/ - https://ddkexplorer.ddkoin.com/ - DDKOIN Wallets : http://newcore-mainnet1.ddkoin.com http://newcore-mainnet2.ddkoin.com http://newcore-mainnet3.ddkoin.com http://newcore-mainnet4.ddkoin.com http://newcore-mainnet5.ddkoin.com http://newcore-mainnet6.ddkoin.com http://newcore-mainnet7.ddkoin.com http://newcore-mainnet8.ddkoin.com http://newcore-mainnet9.ddkoin.com http://newcore-mainnet10.ddkoin.com http://newcore-mainnet11.ddkoin.com https://mainnet12.ddkoin.com https://mainnet13.ddkoin.com https://mainnet14.ddkoin.com https://mainnet15.ddkoin.com https://mainnet16.ddkoin.com https://mainnet17.ddkoin.com
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    Fifth video. Blockstream is doing it continuously and consistently. This time around, they are streaming about rewards, particularly the staking reward. This is a captured truth about the 10% staking reward that a SH gets every after fourth vote. Here the actual example is an account with 500 DDK due for voting with staked amount of 50 DDK with 3 votes and 100 DDK with 11 votes. Therefore, after the vote they will have 4 votes and 12 votes prompting it to get 10% of the staked amount or 5DDK and 10 DDK respectively. Who would not want a free DDK by just staking and voting? Kudos Blockstream. Mabuhay Philippines.
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    I did not realize they have this video already showing and explaining how to by DDKoin in Exmarkets. This video contains a proof how good Exmarkets is as an exchange. One of the few GE's with zero withdrawal and deposit fee. The video featured as well one post in forums about Exmarkets. They have summarized also the process of buying DDK using fiat. Summarizing again the procedure, Fiat converted with Cryptocurrency (XRP) using Coins.ph  Withdraw and Deposit XRP to Binance  Exchange XRP to USDT in Binance  Withdraw and Deposit USDT to Exmarkets  Exchange USDT to DDK  Withdraw and Deposit DDK to DDK Blockchain’s preferred address. Enjoy buying your DDK and keep on staking.
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    Ini adalah kaedah yang paling mudah tetapi sah untuk menaikkan harga DDK. Ekonomi asas ini. Mengurangkan bekalan dengan meletakkan 20-25% DDK cair untuk memastikan memperoleh 10% keuntungan setara yang diterima dan dinikmati sebelum blok turun pada bulan November 2019 ini. Mengeluarkan 8% sahaja dan mempertaruhkan lebih banyak akan benar-benar mengurangkan penawaran dan jika permintaan meningkat, harga DDK pasti akan meningkat dengan ketara
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    For the complete and updated videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAvZ0uyytGAM8YOMr-kXMDw/videos
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    DDKoin is now listed in 6 price index website. The most updated and reliable of which is the Coinranking. These listings contain information about the true value of particular cryptocurrency. One of the measurement indicator is the coin market capitalization. As discussed in the previous video of Blockstream, market capitalizatio of cryptocurrency is the product of circulating supply and price of each coin. Coin listings contains not just ranking of crypto in terms of maket cap but can also rank according to daily volume. It also contains ranking of exchange available. Enjoy watching this video from Blockstream and continue developing the understanding of the technologies that revolve around it.
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    One of the indications of trustworthiness of an organization is its transparency and the available communication medium that they have where community are provided updates and information on the development and current events and activities of its product and services. DDK Management has set up quite a lot of medium of communication where it can accept queries, questions and complaints, if any. Blockstream has shown these mediums and provided overview on where to reach DDK and all the documentation about the project. They never ceased to amaze us. Keep watching and keep staking.
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    DDK is a great blockchain to be affiliated with. They have a very usable and functional coin called DDKoin. This coin is already being used for transactions on DDK Merchant, an e-commerce platform developed by the DDK Foundation. You may visit here: https://ddkoin.com/merchant/register. With all these benefits, one wonders whether the DDK is supported by the five pillars of open blockchains. If you have been wondering the same question, you are in the right place because in this article we will be answering it. So, without further delay, let’s get right into it. Pillar #1: It’s Open Yes, the first pillar of open blockchain is Openness. This means that anyone can access it and if we take it from a technical viewpoint, we can explain it like anyone can take existing code and fork it. If you are not interested in forking, you can take an open blockchain core and modify it. This will give you an entirely new blockchain. Openness also refers to access. This is not from a technical point of view, but more from a general point of view. If a blockchain can truly be called open, then it can easily be accessed by anyone and everyone for any reason. Developers can easily contribute to making it better and people who want to make anything new can also access it with ease. Finally, it is also open to people who just want to participate in an ecosystem that has been created. So, if you ask about DDK blockchain, anyone using it can tell you that it’s open. Pillar #2: It’s Borderless The second pillar of open blockchain states that it should be borderless. Which means that it is not confined by any means. A borderless system is free from national boundaries and exists around the world. It is accessible to a person from anywhere and at any time. This borderless nature of the open blockchain is the primary aspect that makes it important as the basis of monetary systems. Since it is borderless, an open blockchain is not restricted by any government or in any central bank control. If you compare it to fiat you will see a significant difference here. Speaking of DDK Blockchain, we can safely say that it is borderless and extremely strong. Pillar #3: It’s Neutral The third pillar of open blockchain is its neutrality. If you want to test whether a blockchain is truly neutral you will see whether it favors any individual or entity over another. It also does not allow power and control to be centralized. Neutrality is important because without it there is simply no point of calling it a blockchain at all. So, is DDK blockchain neutral? Of course, it is. Pillar #4: Its Censorship Resistant The fourth pillar of open blockchain is that it is resistant to censorship. There are powers out there that have a lot of resources to enforce censor on things that they don’t like. They are so strong that it is a feat to avoid censorship. In most countries, the internet is restricted to a certain extent. So, if the government can control internet access, they can sensor blockchain because the internet is the main means of deploying blockchain. It is pretty simple. So, is DDK censor resistant? Yes, it is. Pillar #5: It’s Public The final pillar says that a truly open blockchain is public. It is separate from blockchains that are restricted and are for government work, corporate purposes, military projects, etc. If a blockchain is made for a particular purpose, it may not be accessible to everyone. It can be made for businesses, governments, education projects, healthcare or intelligence projects. A blockchain that is not publicly presented and accessed by everyone is not a truly open blockchain. So, is the DDK blockchain public. Yes, it is. DDK blockchain can be accessed by everyone and it is not limited in any way. For more info, you may visit DDK Explorer : https://ddkexplorer.ddkoin.com/dashboard These were the five pillars of open blockchains and we explained each of them while highlighting how DDK is in sync with all of them. For full info about DDK Tokenomic Perspective slides by Dato’ Arai Ezzra , you may check here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dpFnmhqKbroelPKqEV-tORPHYFDO3Mct/view?usp=sharing If you are looking for quality investments, we would recommend DDK https://ddkoin.com/ above every blockchain out there. It is a fact that DDK is one of the most usable and high-potential blockchains today. The post DDK is Supported by the 5 Pillars of Open Blockchain appeared first on DDK BLOGS. View the full article
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    I'm not sure but i did the withdrawal using DDK as fee which is ZERO FEES Last time it didn't showed up DDK as fee, glad it's fixed now
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    Got some info from TG, maintenance in progress.
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    Yes, I agree! You would not mind trust issues and fraud as well.
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    SOLVED.. because Link 15 not working, I change with link 14 Working.. Thanks
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    Silahkan posting event2 blockchain terutaman ddk yang diadakan di indonesia
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    Owning a DDK is a blessing. It is an exact definition of freedom that potentially will bring financial stability. But when do an interested party decide to own or buy DDK? Of course buying at low price is advantageous to some extent. But what if the price doesn't reach the level that we decided to buy? What if it is already counting days and what we posted as buying price is still open. Before anyone decides to invest or buy DDK in particular, he should have done some research, read some article and watch some videos about Blockchain and cryptocurrency. It will help a lot. There are things to consider too before buying any cryptocurrency. We have listed 9 items as commonly heard and read in social media by enthusiast and expert in the technology and financial matters. Please check these out: Keep in mind the following: 1. Crypto is very volatile. 2. You can lose all your money. 3. Only invest what you are willing to lose. 4. Don’t buy crypto using credit cards. 5. Do not hand over your investment to anyone who will promise 0% to high as heaven gains. 6. Spend less than you make. 7. Have multiple streams of income. 8. Get out of inflationary assets. 9. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH (DYOR) So if anyone has already set aside an amount "they are willing to lose" (well this is exaggeration of acceptance to whatever will happen to your investment), then do not waste so much time because any entry point is a good point. One, no one knows when DDK will go up or will go down. Two, The earlier you bought and stake, the earlier you get gains. Three, price in between while DDK is in contract is irrelevant since you cant sell frozen DDK while gains can be decided to roll and stake too if price is low. In effect, that gains that were staked will gain again. We have pasted FB post where we did discuss also the mindset that all SH should have in acquiring DDK. Happy reading everyone. Keep Staking! https://www.facebook.com/groups/jomddkoin/permalink/2333444150291016/
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    End of ARP 2.0 now projected to be 10 days earlier than the initial projection of August 17, 2020. With the current average daily rate of 0.64% consumption, the remaining 16.98% allocated ARP or equivalent to 152,783 DDK will only last for projected 26.5 days from today and that will be August 7, 2020.
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    For SH who would want to exchange their crypto to Philippine Peso (Php), deposit your DDK to Exmarkets, trade DDK with ETH or BTC then withdraw to local exchanger called Coins Ph. To save fees transfer ETH or BTC to Coins Pro and exchange with Php. Cash out Php from Coins Pro to Coins Ph then cash out to any known banks in the Philippines. If you want lesser fees, deposit DDK to Exmarkets, exchange with USDT, withdraw and deposit to another Global exchanger with XRP, trade USDT with XRP then withdraw to local exchanger called Coins PH. To save fees transfer XRP to Coins Pro and exchange with Php. Cash out Php from Coins Pro to Coins Ph then cash out to any known banks in the Philippines. Hope this helped! Keep staking, Zmel
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