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    As we all know, first explanation of the Airdrop Reloaded (ARP) was conducted at Blockspace Kuala Lumpur on last 21st January 2020. The explanation of ARP is being extended in Sabah on 1st of February 2020 to the 5th of February 2020. Two representatives from the DDK Foundation, Mr Maulana Hasannudin and Mr Hussaini Zaharin had given the opportunity to provide the latest information and updates on the ARP and DDK Foundation roadmap. Three districts were visited which is Sandakan, Kota Kinabalu, and Tawau. The ARP tour began in Sandakan on 02nd February 2020. Sandakan is a city in the Malaysian state of Sabah, on the northeast coast of Borneo. It is the second largest town in Sabah after Kota Kinabalu. Mrs Angelina Lucas is the one who invite DDK Foundation Team to come to Sandakan. She informed us that DDK Stakeholders in Sandakan eager to know more about DDK Project and its ecosystem. The event held at Mrs Angelina’s office at Futuretech, Lot 3, Tingkat 1, Blok A2, Bandar Labuk Jaya, 90000 Sandakan, Sabah. In this session, where DDK Foundation Team provided an overview of the ARP, DDK Foundation direction and trading technique. Mr Mohamad Azman Norman is one of DDK leader and trader from Kota Kinabalu also came to Sandakan to gives presentation about Crypto Ecosystem – Global Exchanger. Most of Sandakan Stakeholders attracted more on trading technique and strategy. More than 30 participants gives full attention during the presentation. The program in Sandakan ends with a Q & A and photography session. The program continued to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Kota Kinabalu is the capital of Sabah state in the northern part of the island of Borneo. Often referred to as KK where this district once hosting the DDK Main-net Launching event on last 31st August 2018. In KK, DDKoiners Team lead by DDK Main-net Delegates Mrs Zafidah Yaakub (TD067_DDKoiners) is organizing the event where total of 30 stakeholders gathered. The event takes place in BMG Academy Lot 43A, 1st Floor, Block H KK Times Square 88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. One additional point in KK which this district is where major of DDK Stakeholders located and have been following DDK roadmap since day one of DDK Migration process. In this session, our presentation is focuses more on the requirements of ARP programs and trading strategy. In addition, one of DDK Main-net Delegates Mr Razale Raona (TD050_CREV_REVOLUTION) also take part in presentation with topic DDK Price Prediction. The event end with Q&A and photography session. On 04th February 2020 was final location in Tawau where most of the leaders located in this district. Tawau formerly known as Tawao, is the capital of the Tawau District in Sabah. It is the third-largest town in Sabah, after Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan. Differences can be seen in this session where most of the leaders raise questions about the DDK Foundation roadmap and future planning rather than ARP program. This is because most of the leader in Tawau present themselves at 2020 Company Latest Update event in Blockspace, Kuala Lumpur last January 2020. In this session, DDK Foundation took longer time to explain blockchain project plan for 2020 like DAI (DDK Asset Issuing) and DVM (DDK Virtual Machine). There are many DDK Main-net Delegates present themselves in this session. They are Mr Jabal Nur (tds_crev_zaleous), Mr Yusri (tds_crev_cryptor), Mr Sapardome (tds_crev_technology) and Mr Daud Hamzah (TD074_CREV_MAXIMPACT). Photography session took place as one of memorial. More highlights for all the events:- The post Airdrop Reloaded Proposal Tour – Borneo Sabah appeared first on DDK BLOGS. View the full article
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    Where Can I Trade DDKOIN? DDKOIN can be traded below listed EXCHANGER : Recommended Exchanger ( My priority Trading List 1 - 4 ) Exmarkets https://exmarkets.com VinDAX https://vindax.com Dobi https://www.dobiexchange.com FinexBox https://www.finexbox.com REMARK : If you attention is to do TRADING in the exchanger, Always SELL HIGH & BUY LOW
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    Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone... My name is Sabli Dahrin from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Working as Freelance Graphic Designer. Nice Knowing you... https://web.facebook.com/dahrinfotodesign
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    Good day guys! I'm still wondering how does the use of ddk blockchain in some industries like pharmaceuticals which was posted before, will help increass the price of our token? I am collaborating all information and ideas for me to learn and understand crypto world. I would be glad if someone could enlighten me how does the use of ddkoin blockchain affects its price?
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    Dear All: I just saw this thread and I am following, because I am interested to help promote the use of DDK in whatever useful means. I understand that while demand for DDK will increase, it will also positively affect the price of DDK. Hence, it will benefit the whole DDK community. Hoping to jumpstart here in Philippines. Suggestions are welcome. Thank you
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    After a series of successful events in 2019, DDK is back with another prosperous gathering as 2020 kicks-off. On Tuesday, 21st January 2020, DDK Foundation hosted a gathering for exposure on the latest updates. The event venue, Blockspace, Malaysia was filled with 120 attendees for the gathering which started at 8PM and continued till 12AM. The event was broadcasted live on DDK’s official facebook page to make sure the online community does not miss out on all the important updates. If you missed the chance to watch it live, you may click here to watch the full event. The master founder of DDK, Dato Arai Ezzra started off with the opening speech welcoming all the attendees to the event and further briefing them about the purpose of the gathering. He was followed by the Co-Founder Datin Yanie Ezzra who also welcomed the audience to the event. Later on, Mr Zahed Abd Aziz stepped up to enrich the audience knowledge with the updates and potential that DNC holds. In his presentation, Mr Zahed talked about the DNC’s potential by explaining how it is backed by gold, crypto, community, and algo. He further explained the DNC updates talking about how their whitepaper simplifies everything including the smart contract, the greenpaper explains about the Syariah compliance and its ecosystem in DNC. Later, talking about the DNC platform he explained the features, functions and importance of the DNC wallet, DNC explorer, and its minting platform. Before ending his speech, he mentioned the future plans of DNC and educated the audience on how the new contract will be better from the old one, and how the process to redeem will be much smoother. Next up to take over the speaker’s podium was Ms. Shuhada Zainal the Project CEO. She divided her speech in 4 segments which included, technology direction, Mass Adoption Phase, Introduction of DDK Education- Mutant Blockchain Academy (MBA), and Smart-Alliance Partnership Program (SAP). She explained that the two main projects they will focus on in 2020 are DDK and DNC. She further showed the list of products which will be a part of DDK in 2020, these included DDK Explorer 2.0, DDK Airdrop 2.0 and DDK Asset Issuing. DDK education was later explained which offers blockchain diplomas and certificates. She ended her speech by talking about the Smart-Alliance Partnership Program (SAP). You can watch the full speech by clicking here. The gathering continued with our partners, ExMarkets which also part of Coinstruction (Expert Blockchain Solution Company in Europe), Mr. Tadas Kasputis (CEO) together with Mr Laurent Bourquin (Strategic partner for Algorithmic trading) presents on DDKoin 2.0 protocol updates. They explained how DDK, a single coin, can be used for multiple uses. DDK Protocol 2.0 consists of DD Smart University, DDVoice, DDK Merchant, DDK Asset Issuing and DDKard. Now, ExMarkets are ready to bring DDKoin to European market. You can watch the full speech by clicking here. Finally, Mr. Maulana Hasanuddin, CCO DDK, started off with his explanation of Airdrop Reloaded Proposal (ARP). In his speech he answered questions like What is ARP? What is Referral Reward and Chain Reward? What are the requirements for ARP 2.0? And Why you must not ignore Airdrop-Reloaded from DDK Technology. You can review all the presentations by clicking here. There was a short Q&A session where two winners received special presents from DDK Foundation and also souvenirs were given to our partners Ex Markets and Dobi Exchange as appreciation of their participation. This event ended after the photography session was completed. — More highlights for DDK Technology 2020 Latest Update Gathering event : The post DDK Technology 2020 Latest Update Gathering appeared first on DDK BLOGS. View the full article
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    Salam @hasa, kalau mahu melihat usaha apa yang dilakukan oleh DDK Foundation boleh mula dan rajin membaca dari announcement Blog DDK https://announcements.ddkoin.com/ - (Situs rasmi tentang update dan latest news). Tetapi bagi memudahkan kamu, saya kasi direct link ke announcement itu boleh ketik di URL ini : https://announcements.ddkoin.com/?p=931 Project DDKOIN bukanlah untuk keuntungan semata-mata, kita wujudkan DDK ini suatu product yang boleh dimanfaatkan oleh semua orang tak kira warna kulit apa, bangsa apa, agama apa, jantina apa, maupun umur apa sekalipun. Diciptakan DDK ini gampang akses untuk jual dan beli langsung sama exchanger tidak perlu ada orang tengah (3rd party) dan juga untuk penyimpanan asset DDK ini semuanya simpan di tangan sendiri dan bukannya disimpan di mana-mana program atau pun custodial. Semua ini mampu dilakukan dengan benar-benar menggunakan teknologi blockchain dalam proses penciptaan product DDK ini. Bagi yang mengaitkan dengan dinar islam mungkin terlalu fanatik atau sebahagian leader mainkan agenda tersebut untuk mempromosikan produk mereka. Itu tidak saya nafikan dan ianya perlu stop kerana DDK adalah produk berbasiskan teknologi.
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    Hello, project for asset creation (DDK token) already started since 3 months ago. Github for DVM can be access and review the code of the project from here : https://github.com/AraiEzzra/DVM For more details information on DVM and DAI it will be produce soon and will be update in our blog announcement.
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    Is there any ongoing project same like or sort of what stated in the example? Im just curious.
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    Salam @Aliasdarus dan @Iamced , Pada pendapat saya yang kerdil ini, saya rasa DDK sebenarnya bukannya SUPPLY melebihi DEMAND. Ini kerana kita mempunyai DEMAND yang kukuh dan genuine melebihi SUPPLY yang memerlukan sekitar $50,000 - $100,000 in USD volume per hari (within 24hours) semenjak Mainnet dilancarkan pada April 2019 sehingga sekarang. Cuma apa yang saya lihat, senarionya adalah pembeli DDK lebih bijak dari SELLER dalam memancing dan mengumpan pemegang coin DDK untuk mengikuti harga yang diingini oleh BUYER dan SELLER tidak bertahan dengan harga yang tinggi disebabkan majoriti pemegang asset DDK masih tidak mempunyai SKILLS dan PENGALAMAN dalam trading crypto di public exchanger. Saya cuba utarakan beberapa point untuk menunjukkan bahawa DDK memang mempunyai DEMAND dan jika ada yang nak bantah point2 dibawah silakan. 1) DDK mempunyai circulated supply bukanlah beratus-ratus juta seperti coin-coin lain atau berbilion supply seperti coin-coin lain di luar sana. Ini membuktikan SUPPLY DDK tidak lah oversupply melebihi DEMAND. Jika dilihat dari YEARLY TOTAL PRODUCTION new token walaupun DDK mempunyai 10% sebulan dari Staking Reward, jika dihitung secara detail dapat dilihat coin2 lain seperti ETHEREUM, EOS, RIPPLE, dan LISK mengeluarkan output new coin dari proses mining yang lebih BESAR dan ternyata DDK walaupun mempunyai Staking Reward 10% masih lagi mempunyai nilai tokenomic yang kukuh dan mempunyai potensi untuk berkembang lebih jauh. 2) Sedar atau tidak, total DDK yang di STAKE dan berada dalam keadaan beku oleh pemegang asset DDK adalah berjumlah 4,179,942 DDK adalah sebanyak hampir 73% dibeku dari jumlah keseluruhan Circulated Supply iaitu berjumlah : 5,685,481 DDK. Ini membuktikan hampir kesemua DDK yang dimiliki oleh user DDK meyakini platform ini dengan melakukan STAKE asset mereka agar terus menerima Staking Reward setiap bulan sehinggalah 45 million tercetak sekitar 8-10 tahun akan datang. 3) Dari Historical Data yang diprovide oleh CMC dapat dibuktikan bahawa DDK mempunyai demand yang konsisten dan stabil sekitar $50K USD - $100K USD setiap hari sejak 8 bulan yang lalu di beberapa exchanger sehingga sekarang telah mempunyai 4 Global Exchanger dan sekitar 16 pasar/market. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ddkoin/historical-data/ Sebenarnya ada banyak point, tetapi cukup lah dulu 3 point untuk kita diskusi dan bahas betul ke fakta tu atau cuma auta.
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    Good information If anyone still did not understand what is DAI, please download this document and read from this link : https://ddkoin.com/documentation/DDK_Asset_Issuing.pdf
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    Crystal clear! I like the way you presented and cited an example to support your explanation. Thank you for elighting me.
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    Currently, an epidemic battle is taking place in Wuhan, China. As a Chinese, I am worried about this.
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