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    Hello guys, here i posted all the web wallet that available for DDK Mainnet . However before you make the transaction you are asked to confirm the following : 1) Check Debugger on which wallet is running at : https://debugger.ddkoin.com/node - The ID for wallet name is based on "DDK-COREXXX" (XXX is the name of the wallet ID 1 - 17) 2) Once you make sure the wallet is running you are logged in and should see the current block in sync with your current location at this page on DDK Mainnet wallet : https://XXX.ddkoin.com/blockchain (XXX is the name of the wallet ID) 3) To Confirm that your transaction is stamp on the block and distributed to all DDK nodes you can check the transaction confirmation from DDK Explorer : - https://explorer.ddkoin.com/ - https://ddkexplorer.ddkoin.com/ - DDKOIN Wallets : http://newcore-mainnet1.ddkoin.com http://newcore-mainnet2.ddkoin.com http://newcore-mainnet3.ddkoin.com http://newcore-mainnet4.ddkoin.com http://newcore-mainnet5.ddkoin.com http://newcore-mainnet6.ddkoin.com http://newcore-mainnet7.ddkoin.com http://newcore-mainnet8.ddkoin.com http://newcore-mainnet9.ddkoin.com http://newcore-mainnet10.ddkoin.com http://newcore-mainnet11.ddkoin.com https://mainnet12.ddkoin.com https://mainnet13.ddkoin.com https://mainnet14.ddkoin.com https://mainnet15.ddkoin.com https://mainnet16.ddkoin.com https://mainnet17.ddkoin.com
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