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    CLARIFICATION ON NOTIFICATION FROM COINMARKETCAP TOWARDS DDK (DDKOIN) LISTING AS AFFILIATED WITH DINAR DIRHAM GLOBAL Dear DDK Stakeholders, The notification by CoinMarketCap (CMC) at DDK listing page below refers; DDK management would like to inform Stakeholders that we have taken actions regarding this notification by communicating with the CoinMarketCap (CMC) team and emphasized that Dinar Dirham Global does not have any relations with DDK project including the DDK Management team, DDK Developers, DDK partners or its collaborators. Subsequently, we received their reply stating their policy to highlight such reports but stated their willingness to consider removing the notification once BNM (Bank Negara Malaysia) is able to update the information & remove any confusion that we (DDK project) are related to the Dinar Dirham Global. In order to do this, we will need to work directly with BNM (Bank Negara Malaysia) through our legal counsel in accordance to proper procedures. The same supporting documents and points will also be extended to CMC for their reference as detailed below; 1. DinarDirham Global has been on BNM watch-list since 9th January 2017 (two years back) - (Index 1) - , DDK platform on the other hand, was only introduced to the community and during the Grand Launching in Malaysia on 31st August 2018 (Masternodes) & Launched DDK Blockchain Mainnet officially on 27th April 2019. The detail development of DDK Technology is transparent presented in GitHub link - https://github.com/AraiEzzra/DDKCORE 2. Due to the unauthorised use of the https://www.dinardirham.com/ products and branding for his own self-interest and financial benefits at the cost of the public, subsequently resulting in https://www.dinardirham.com/ website being associated with Dinar Dirham Global. 3. In their website (www.dinardirham.online) listing their bank account details for the purpose of taking deposits from the public and again mislead of the products created by Dinar Dirham branding as associated with him and misleading about the product and package that offered by him. On the day the watchlist was listed in the official BNM sites, the owner of the domain www.dinardirham.online has been purposely put the sites down after being watchlisted. 4. The founder of Dinar Dirham Brand have sent an official Warning Letter to Dinar Dirham Global (www.dinardirham.online) owner - Fairis Riduan on 11th April 2017. The content of the Warning Letter attached for reference, in summary states the following (Please refer to INDEX 2) - https://ddkoin.com/documentation/LPOWTDDG.pdf .Through this letter, Fairis Riduan (I/C Number: 760621-11-5137) has acknowledged the receipt of this Warning Letter on 30th May 2017 that states his unauthorised and misleading use of the Dinar Dirham Brand name and website https://www.dinardirham.com/ (Index 2) 5. CoinMarketCap will consider removing the said notification upon Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) updated information regarding Dinar Dirham Global not affiliated with Dinar Dirham brand and website https://www.dinardirham.com (Index 3) DDK Management with the support of DDK Founders will endeavor to work tirelessly with Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) to consider removing the notification of DDK/DOIN associated with Dinar Dirham Global to clear the good name of our platform, product and brand name for the ease, comfort and confidence for all our present and future stakeholders and ultimately seeing the removal of the notice raised by CoinmarketCap (CMC). However, with much respect of CMC process and procedure as they also required to take care of the user's interest. Therefore any entities / parties / organizations / partners or affiliates who mentioned that they are with DDK Management and intended to misleading the DDK Stakeholders and community, please do not ignore the notification to do your due diligence as this will improved your understanding about DDK Technology and its ecosystem - (Please refer to the official DDK website for further information - https://ddkoin.com) and only refer to entire official channel of communication and promotion only. Thus, CMC also has been always cooperate with DDK Management in order to ensure that our position, ranking and justification of the documentations to put this project in the official deserved ranking. DDK Platform is a genuine 100% decentralized (Open-Source), majority consensus platform that covers more than 10 countries consisting of more than over 200,000 stakeholders around the globe. Stakeholders are eager to see BNM updating its list and removing https://www.dinardirham.com/ from its watch list, thus disassociating DDK from any links to Dinar Dirham Global. In Addition, we would also like to take this opportunity to clarify further that another entity - Koperasi DinarDirham Berhad – (KODINAR) that was riding on the brand name of Dinar Dirham which is normally misinterpreted by the public that DDK project is associated with. Dinar Dirham Global was one of the representatives / agents of KODINAR. Please be noted that DDK project does not associated with KODINAR in any of partnership collaborations, management team and developers. KODINAR was in partnership with DDK Founder during Private Pre-ICOs period however it has been terminated on an official letter dated 25th September 2017 & received officially by KODINAR on 27th September 2017 due to misleading, misinterpretations and Breach of Agreement notification letter sent by our lawyer NOR ZABETHA CHINNA & CO (Please refer INDEX 4) - https://ddkoin.com/documentation/LKDDBTL.pdf. You may also refer to the Breach 5 content of clarification that the Dinar Dirham Global as the agents of KODINAR has been committing misrepresentation and misleading the public. Here we attached all the proof of the documentation for the ease of the community perusal in order to clarify further towards DDK community that are continuously supporting this project globally and any misleading that has been done by KODINAR and its partnerships does not related to DDK project as the whole. DDK Founder have sent termination letter (in year 2017) as proved that we have no partnership or affiliation with them or any of their entities, subsidiaries, or in any further relations with KODINAR after they have breached the contract of agreement. We have to emphasize that any products (PITISCOIN & LADRIM & etc) created by KODINAR, or their Executives, partners, associates does not relate to us (DDK Founders, DDK Management our any of our present associates) directly or indirectly. We hope that with this clarification can ease the worries and concerns of all stakeholders and we humbly request all to have faith and keep supporting this project. The Management team will always do our best to protect this project for the long term benefit of all its stakeholders as we continue to further develop DDK platform to greater heights. Thank You. Regards, Shuhada Zainal Project CEO DDK Management INDEX 1 INDEX 2 INDEX 3 – Screenshot of reply from CMC team to DDK CEO INDEX 4
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    Totally agreed sir @Arai_Ezzra that the centralised system needs changed to be blockchain and decentralised. I believed in this project, just need to chase away those who keeps trying to sabotaj and damaging this project from being successful. Currently many of which who are frustrated and unhappy were : 1) New stakeholders that joins April-May 2018. The unethical greedy leaders were promoting 1DNC = 1 DDK = will sky rocket RM1000 once system migrated from Jun 2018 and reopens in July 2018. Many were asked to buy more at rate RM800-850/DNC at that time so that can be converted into DDK. Hence, with the false thought given that inflated returns and just 1short month of migration, many felt worth the investment and thus pump in lots of money to buy DNC as many promotes DNC is real during May 2018 (which for New Stakeholders, who had NEVER experienced a single cent of profit/earnings). All were just hearsay. They were promised with all kinds of benefits, but no one stood out to say that such promotion about DDK is not true. (Unlike now, team will say DDK takes time to grow, don't borrow loan to invest in DDK, etc) It's true DNC has profited many existing ETPS members during 2.5yrs, but it had NEVER benefited those newly joined. This group of investors are the most innocent ones, though some may say it's their fault never study this project properly from the start... But many usually invest begins with the trust in someone who explains and show them hard solid gold coin and mthly earnings. 2) Existing stakeholders who wanted to pull out by taking out their DNC into physical gold were asked not to. But rather keep it and let it convert into DDK to become higher value in short period. Since because they have been earning monthly and feel trusted with the system, they pump more and took out their savings to generate more income for families. Thinking they will be able to start generating funds in 2months, similarly with false promotions by unethical leaders/uplines, many also agreed to buy more when they see the crowd cheering and showing how DDK will soar once migration ends in July 2018. But then, it started to take a toll on many when the migration took longer than said although it was faster than other coins. But those weren't their main concern. The problem arises when those benefits and soaring of prices which they should see immediately in August 2018 were nothing but flowery imagination. Then, many still tried to be calm to understand that this is just a process we need to go through to make it better and all stick to it through thick and thin until migration completes. During this period, many were slowly being educated directly with the right information that were supposed to be given by leaders/uplines (which did not happen in the case of many because they were just greedy pocketing money from investors). On top of that, with forum created, many starts to learn the truth directly from founder @Arai_Ezzra about the project which were not fully disclosed to investors when they join before migration. So many were not prepared for what is coming and that is what make them lost and devasted. Those who newly join now will be able to enjoy low price buying DDK happily, while those newly join just before migration were stucked with debts. Hence, I believe main issue which provokes them were things that was promised to them by previous leaders/uplines unfulfilled. Started with the unethical group of people in this project who wants to earn fast money and did not fully disclosed necessary information for investors to consider before joining. Then in the midst of migration, these investors were left all by themselves while those leaders/uplines pull out. So end up anger were released towards the founder and management. But is too late to do anything now since the coins has already been bought previously. Trust with the project is still there. More promotions, seminars, training, trading classes should be held to educate more stakeholders worldwide (hopefully lesser charge/free so that more unaffordable SH can join). Main issue now is people do not know how to trade correctly, thus causes price slump. What's past is past. DDK is a genuine project worked hard by many teams with sweat and blood. I believed all are praying and hoping a success for this project because we ourselves are stakeholders too which we had put our hard earned money in it. Right? Meantime let's study and learn how to trade correctly, how to put prices wisely in GE, understand DDK's project concept and plan so that we don't get swayed easily. Migration has been completed, platform DDK is ready, DDK listing in GE & CMC done. Now we are at the trading and promoting stage. With positiveness, right trading method, no sabotaj with hanky pankies can help push the price up. Success is when all stand together firmly, but standalone will make you fall. Sharing my 2cents.. sorry being lengthy.
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    Hehe panjang diskusi nya, teruskan diskusi secara ilmiah dan melontarkan padangan masing-masing. Apa-apa pun kita kena terima "hakikat" nya bahawa asset yang telah dimiliki di tangan ini adalah sebuah asset crypto currency yang dijalankan menggunakan DPOS mempunyai sifat decentralize, distributed dan open source. Bercakap tentang DEMAND, kalau siapa yang trade di SIMEX dan DOBI dan melibatkan diri dengan secara langsung di BIDS dan ASKS akan faham kenapa harga turun di kala baru sahaja 5 bulan running mainnet. Semua ini berlaku secara "alami" dan genuine terhasil dari servis yang disediakan oleh exchanger untuk ketemukan "pembeli" dan "penjual" secara open, annonymous dan Peer 2 peer. Dan 1 FAKTA yang kita perlu tahu ....SH faham atau tidak DDK akan terus berbakti to all SH secara decentralize melalui nodes-nodes buat masa ini selepas berjalan selama 5 bulan secara decentralize kita sudah mempunyai 145++ nodes (https://ddkdebugger.skc.today/dashboard ) dan untuk capai tahap Ethereum yg mempunyai 8000++ nodes. Satu lagi, Harga DDK rendah atau tinggi ianya terus menghasilkan volume trading per day sekitar $50,000 - $100,000 USD per 24 hours matching penjual dan pembeli ( https://coinranking.com/coin/ddkoin-ddk/markets ) dan Simex terus menerima deposit BTC/ETH (buyer) dan juga Simex juga honour (Withdraw) all your BTC/ETH withdraw within 24 hours. Bukan tu sahaja harga rendah atau tinggi, Airdrop terus mengalir keluar ( https://ddkexplorer.ddkoin.com/account/11696703665952770027 ) dan Staking terus berlaku sekitar 10,000 DDK per hari mengurangi Unmined balance ( https://ddkexplorer.ddkoin.com/account/13566253584516829136 ) dan ada waktu tertentu sehingga 15,000 stake per day dan transaction VOTE dan SEND secara p2p amat besar dan kadang2 on "peak hour" transaction saya tengok active dan huge blockchain DDK block kita terus berjalan setiap 10 saat kadang2 sampai 100++ transaction per block ( https://ddkexplorer.ddkoin.com/blocks
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    HILANG PEDOMAN Hanya Kerana Harga Seorang Stakeholders DDK lelaki soleh pulang ke rumah dengan memiliki Wallet ID DDK. Dia membeli DDK tersebut dari sahabatnya yang juga seorang TD. Isterinya membuka GE dan melihat: "Harga semakin menurun". Lalu isterinya terus-terusan merungut. Melihat isterinya yg merungut itu, suami berkata: "Saya membeli DDK itu dari sahabat saya" Isteri: "Saya tau" Suami: "Pada pendapat awak, semasa saya membeli DDK tadi, saya nak Harga Meroket atau Harga ke Dasar Laut?" Isteri: "Tentulah Harga Meroket" Suami: " Ketika TD sedang menjual tadi, agaknya mereka nak Harga DDK semakin Meroket atau Harga ke Dasar Laut?" Isteri: "Tentulah mereka inginkan Harga DDK Meroket" Suami terus lagi bertanya: " Ketika Team Management DDK membuat promosi dan menjual kepada TD, agaknya mereka inginkan nak Harga DDK semakin Meroket atau Harga ke Dasar Laut?" Isteri: "Mestilah Harga Meroket" Si suami diam sejenak... Kemudian dia menyambung." Ketika Dato@Arai_Ezzra mencipta DDKnya, adakah dia mahu DDK yang dihasilkannya nanti Meroket (Berjaya) atau Menjuman (Gagal) ?" Isteri: "Tentu nak Meroket (Berjaya), pastinya." Suami: " Ketika awak melihat harga di GE tadi, awak inginkan Harga Meroket atau Harga Menjuman?" Isteri: "Mesti saya ingin Harga Meroket. Kenapa dengan semua soalan ini?" soal isteri. SH DDK itu tersenyum pada isterinya. Lalu dia berkata: "Ketika semua orang inginkan Harga DDK Meroket, sebaliknya pula yang berlaku. Harga DDK semakin Jatuh ke Dasar Laut!" Isteri orang soleh itu terdiam. Marahkan siapa? 'Jadi ketika awak marah tentang Harga DDK Semakin Murah, awak sebenarnya marahkan siapa? Bukankah semua orang inginkan Harga Meroket. Tetapi kuasa Allah swt yang memutuskan Harga DDK Semakin Murah, Jadi awak marahkan siapa? Marahkan saya yang membeli? atau TD yang menjual? atau awak yang melihat di GE? atau DAE yang mencipta DDK tersebut? Atau Allah swt yang menentukan Harga DDK?" Adab ketika mencari Rezeki: Janganlah kita mengecam, mengutuk tempat punca pintu rezeki kita walaupun punca rezeki itu tidak memberi hasil yang lumayan. Kalau kita tak suka, kita tinggalkan sahaja. Pengajarannya: Kita perlu faham bahawa Konsep Rezeki Rezeki itu Milik dan Rahsia Allah & Rezeki itu juga tidak pernah salah alamat, tibanya tepat pada masanya tidak pernah lewat atau awal walau sesaat. Berkenaan Harga DDK yang Semakin Menjuman, semuanya ditentukan Allah swt. Jika kita mengecamnya, ramai orang akan terasa hati. Mungkin TD atau CEO atau mungkin DAE yang mencipta DDK terasa hati. Dan lebih-lebih lagi tanpa kita sedar, kita seolah-olah "mengecam" Allah swt yang mengurniakan Rezeki itu kepada kita. Jika kita tidak bersyukur dengan yang sedikit, mana mungkin kita akan bersyukur dengan yang banyak. KISAH PEDOMAN "HANYA KERANA HARGA DDK TURUN, KITA MERUNGUT KEPADA ALLAH TA'ALA"
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    Dear @Abdullah-sallam , You need to understand the role of DDK Foundation in maintaining the price. Please study the role of other crypto foundations in the market so that you understand the role of foundations in each crypto currency project. As a Foundation team and including myself as a Founder I have been working a lot since the beginning of this project in ensuring that the system's structure, security, features and tools are available and created for the benefit of all users rather than just focusing on price. Understand that the DDK is a scarce when you compare the circulated supply volume in the market is small compared to other crypto's in the market and by statistic estimation we can see that the total circulated supply is now around 12% which is still 88% has not been mine yet or taken by any individual. And just to let you know, 88% of these unmined balances are also not owned or held by anyone and are just waiting to be distributed by smart contract for anyone that eligible when success on 4 votes a week. So, we know that DDK has very little supply and is now we're in the "education" phase of providing information through TD and Sub-TD is also active in creating classes/training so that all SH's understand what assets are at hand and how to convert their assets into BTC , ETH or USDT and at the same time SH should know how to buy DDK in an exchanger and not just make P2P transactions and expect prices to go up. All of this requires a process, migration also require 11 months and it is also a process where many do not believe that we can launch this DDK and we have finally succeeded. Same like now also is a process, it has been about 4 months since we launched the New Core mainnet and when we look at Whitepaper (Total circulated supply based on staking reward) our journey is still early and various products are yet to be launched for adoption tools like Merchant, Payment Gateway, New Explorer, DAI, Aepos 2.0, Airdrop 2.0, SendStake, Delegate Support System, Developer's Central which we will be launching in 3-4 months prior to 2020 which we know is the year when crypto currency will become normal and usage will expand.
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    Harga DDK yang rendah sekarang memberi peluang kepada SH sekelian mengumpol lebih banyak ddks dengan harga borong atau murah, selain membolehkan nilai "total average" ddk dalam pegangan (frozen) ke paras yang lebih rendah utk meraikan keuntungan yang lebih tinggi sekiranya harga pasaran naik pada masa mendatang.
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    Click the link below in order to real the full article. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jV5bHTPHF4BjBLCK_GSeCJbQ63gfPbK6
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    Soalan Ape kaitan dengan pengurangan Staking Reward (SR) dengan harga DDK di Global Exchanger (GE)? Saya terangkan mengikut pemahaman saya Kita anggap Hasil SR itu ibarat gaji yang bakal diterima setiap 28 hari (Hasil Vote 4X) Andai kata kita mempunyai 1000 DDK dan menerima SR 10% Setiap 28 hari terima 100 DDK Mengambil kira harga ketika itu 100 USD per DDK ini bermakna 100 DDK X 100 USD = 10,000 USD Dengan pengurangan SR 8% Kita hanya perolehi 80 DDK selama 6 bulan seterusnya Sekiranya kita masih mengekalkan harga 100 USD per DDK Bermakna 80 DDK X 100 USD = 8000 USD Perbezaan 2000 USD ibarat gaji kita dipotong hanya kerana kita masih mengekalkan harga jualan yang sama Bagi mengekalkan nilai gaji yang sama kita HARUS lah menjual dengan harga tinggi cikit 80 DDK X 125 USD = 10,000 USD Itu bagi membolehkan kita mengekalkan nilai gaji yang sama, tetapi kalau nak gaji tinggi cikit kita up lagi tinggi lagi bagus. Dipendekkan citer setiap kali pengurangan SR, peluang untuk SH naikkan harga DDK (20%-30%) Nie bermakna secara teorinya SH, dijangka menerima kenaikan gaji setiap 6 Bulan Itu semua sekiranya semua SH sepakat Kalau masih ada yang nak gaji kena potong nak buat macam mane.
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    Hello dear arai Could you explain to us why ddkoin in low price and what is your plan to raise the price and maintain the capital of your depositors and why did not work to protect the currency by fixing a minimum price to protect the funds of investors. Thank you so much. إرسال تعليقات السجلّ تم الحفظ المنتدى
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    Yes we have that. Please download from this links untuk Bahasa Melayu ya : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1oqVAHmCpio2EgDEsGnaVe69dMtcLpO_t TQ
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    Salam kenal jg @ddkoin, semoga selalu bisa berbagi ilmu dan hal2 positif
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    Salam perkenalan. Semoga mendapat pembelajaran dari forum ini. Tk.
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    @JCM , we're actually in the process of challenging the law & power of Demand & Supply in crypto currency product. By theory and fundamental rules, we know that Limited Supply will win at the end. Maybe when you research and find out answer of this photo might make you understand more further on your question :
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    Salam 45 Juta DDKoin, Sudah menjadi lumrah pasaran kripto, harga matawang kripto sekejap naik dan sekejap turun dalam bentuk zigzag. Oleh yang demikian emosi para pelabur yang turut mengikuti perubahan harga matawang kripto. Tidak dinafikan kitaran pasaran wang kripto sukar untuk dijangka, lebih-lebih lagi pasaran ddkoin kita yang banyak dipengaruhi psikologi pelabur. Apa yang pasti adalah kita semua tahu harga di pasaran tidak akan naik selama-lamanya, begitu juga sebaliknya. Pada hemat saya amat jarang sekali pasaran akan jatuh hingga ke 'kosong'. Malah, ketika 'dotcom bubble crash' pada tahun 2002 berlaku, nilai indeks NASDAQ yang terendah adalah 1,114.11 sebelum ia pulih perlahan-lahan (hari ini indeks NASDAQ adalah 7,820.20, kenaikan yang lebih tinggi dari tahun-tahun sebelumnya). Masih ingatkah lagi pada tahun 2013 [saya belum terlibat dengan kripto lagi walaupun pernah dengar pasal Bitcoin] Bitcoin Telah didagangkan pada paras tertinggi buat pertama kali dari harga 31.41 USD sehingga 1242 USD pada masa yang sama berlaku krisis perbankkan di Cyprus (FOMO) dan Bitcoin dikatakan sebagai bubble dan bakal crash FUD (harga Bitcoin telah menjunam pada paras harga 128 USD) dan sekali lagi pada tahun 2017 harga Bitcoin telah membuat correction menurut pakar ekonomi di dagangkan dari paras harga 1018.20 USD sehingga 19,978.60 USD juga dikatakan bubble FUD. Sekali lagi harga Bitcoin telah menjunam pada harga sekitar 8646.19 USD pada Feb 2018 dan terus menjunam sehingga 3274.12 USD pada penghujung 2018. Harga Bitcoin pada ketika ini setelah membuat correction sekali lagi menurut pakar ekonomi blockchain sekitar 10,060 USD didagangkan dalam public exchange. Jadi dimanakah silapnya, dan apakah yang dikatakan bubble tentang wang kripto ? Ketahuilah wang kripto adalah sesuatu yang amat penting pada semua orang pada masa depan. Apa yang lebih penting adalah strategi kita sebagai stake holder ddkoin khususnya. Sudah banyak artikel, buku dan video yang diterbitkan tentang pasaran matawang kripto, dan banyak yang boleh dipelajari. Jika kita memahami faktor-faktor yang mempengaruhi pasaran matawang kripto, dan menyusun strategi untuk pelaburan kita, insha Allah kita tidak akan menyesal. Gambar rajah ini adalah gambaran kitaran emosi pelabur yang melihat perubahan harga dalam pasaran matawang kripto. Saya rasa, rata-rata stake holder ddkoin pasti akan menghadapi emosi-emosi yang ada dalam gambar ni. Betul tak? Anda rasa anda di tahap mana sekarang? Walaupun pelabur tersohor didunia Warrent Buffet ini anti dengan wangkripto suka saya memetik falsafahnya dalam dunia pelaburan "fearful when others greedy and greedy when others fearful" Kalau kita perhatikan carta lilin ddkoin memang barada pada cycle pasaran yang menakutkan, jadi pada pendapat saya inilah masa yang paling sesuai untuk menambah aset ddkoin dan HODL, ini disebabkan harga ddkoin berada pada paras support yang terbaik untuk membuat keuntungan jangka panjang. Jangan menoleh ke belakang lagi. Ini kerana pasaran ddkoin akan meninggalkan anda. Lambat tinggal kami jalan terus..... Ni saya belanja sikit artikel pasal bias psikologi dalam pasaran kripto bagi siapa yang belum membacanya. 6 bias psikologi yang mendorong pasaran matawang kripto 6 Psychological Biases You'll Experience When It Comes To Trading Cryptocurrency
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    Seperti yang kita tahu PROJEK DDK ini sehingga 2028 iaitu berbaki 9 Tahun lagi. Kita baru sahaja 4 bulan dilancarkan sedia maklum Sistem kita dan keseluruhannya masih lagi di katogerikan sebagai BABY. Masih terlalu awal untuk kita labelkan DDKoin ini akan kecundang, sebab rata-rata secara logik Pelaburan, Platform atau mana2 Cryptocurrency yang mana ada dalam tempoh masa yang terdekat boleh Merocket bakk hang langgar bulan dah . BITCOIN (BTC) kalau tak kenal tak tahu lah , Bitcoin is 'Mother Of Crypto' yang sentiasa berada di Rank 1 di CMC yang harga aku ingat 1 unit btc dah boleh buat kenduri kahwin terus dah Kalau ada 4 BTC dah boleh kahwin 4 dah cukupkan quota terus . Bitcoin Sahaja melalui 375 times hampir mati ( https://99bitcoins.com/bitcoin-obituaries/ ) barulah berjaya menjadi apa yang Bitcoin nikmati sekarang ini apatah lagi DDK yang baru sahaja bermula 4 bulan Mainnet yang bergerak secara decentralize. PUNCA :- 1) Stakeholder PANIC SELL 2) Lambakkan di Pasaran 3) Stakeholder jual murah Penyelesaian ? atau Ramalan ? Sekarang ni DDK umpama Ready Stock bila2 je boleh Kaut tapi lupakah kita akan mengalami proses 'Halving' ? dari situ akan diterhadkan pengeluaran ' Staking Reward ' kepada 8% , 6%, 4% dan 2% sehingga habis 45 Juta (Total Supply) semakin sikit pengeluaran bagaimana dengan permintaan ketika itu ? Jadi apa yang kita (SH) perlu buat pada ketika ini perbanyakkan 'STAKE' dan ini lah waktu paling tepat untuk BALUNN lagi banyak dan Kekal Tenang. We Trust on out Technology ! persoalanya macam mana nak tenang? Mari lah kita perbanyakan ilmu kita tentang BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY dan CRYPTOCURRENCY bila adanya ilmu percaya lah kita akan menganalisi dari pelbagai sudut selain daripada 'Nilai RM or USD' semata. Dapatkan ilmu dari mana-mana Seminar yang disediakan kalau susah sangat saya ada kawan nama dia ' Google ' boleh search disitu ada lebih kurang 250 Juta Website yang berceritakan tentang Blockchain dan 98 Juta website tentang Cryptocurrency. Last Sekaliiii !!! Dapatkan waktu tido yang cukup untuk ' Kekal Cantik dan Kacak '. Supaya kita tak tertekan sangat dengan situasi sekarang bila tengok wajah kita yang sangat tampan dan menawan. Terima Kasih, #WeColourTheWorld
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    Strategi Dato @Arai_Ezzra (DAE) mengurangkan SR mengikut tempoh masa tertentu merupakan antara Strategi Menarik, melalui kaedah ini beliau telah merancang seolah oleh seperti timebomb yang akan meletup bagi memastikan pengeluaran Liquid DDK (LDDK) sentiasa berkurangan mengikut keperluan dari masa ke semasa. Berikut antara tanggapan saya bagaimana pengiraan tempoh masa mengikut Blok Height. Pengiraan Blok 10 sec = 1 Blok 1 minit = ( 1 X 6 ) 6 Blok 1 Jam = ( 6 X 60 ) 360 Blok 1 Hari = ( 360 X 24 ) 8,640 Blok Reward / / (Bermula Blok Height) 10% / 365 hari / ( 0-3,153,600 ) 8% / 180 hari / ( 3,153,601 ) 6% / 180 hari / ( 4,708,801 ) 4% / 180 hari / ( 6,264,001 ) ⏺ 2% / / bermula ( 7,819,201 ) Reward / / ( Anggaran Tarikh Bermula ) 10% / 365 hari / ( 18 Jun 2019 ) 8% / 180 hari / ( 17 Jun 2020 ) 6% / 180 hari / ( 14 Dis 2020 ) 4% / 180 hari / ( 12 Jun 2021 ) ⏺ 2% / / bermula ( 09 Dis 2021 ) Berapa % lagi tinggal untuk menuju ke 8% Staking Reward Blok Height semasa: 741,050 / 3,153,600 = 23.50% Berapa hari lagi tinggal untuk menuju ke 8% Staking Reward Blok Height to go: 2,412,550 / 8640 = 279 Hari Anggaran Tarikh: 17 Jun 2020 Boleh Rujuk bagi Block Height : https://ddkexplorer.ddkoin.com/blocks
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    Terima kasih @Khairudin membuat pengiraan yang senang di fahami buat semua. Oleh itu dengan pengurangan % staking reward mengikut block height, bukan sahaja staking reward yang kita terima berkurang, ia juga bermaksud DDK cair di pasaran juga akan berkurang. Apabila Supply berkurang (dari 100ddk ke 80ddk), dan adanya Demand yang tinggi seperti masa yang kita menerima 100ddk itu, harga DDK seharusnya meningkat. Rules of Demand & Supply.
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    Agreed with @DJamesDK. Whomever needs clarification for obtaining passphrase from ETPS may refer to this discussion topic ya.
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    Salam kenal semua @Atjeh DDK @Hamid Hamidi. Saya pula dari Malaysia. Sama2 kita membantu dan berkongsi info buat manfaat semua.
  22. 1 point
    thank you for the clarification. At least we know that this issue is under the radar of our Master Founder.
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    Dear @pag1935 , First we all know that DDK was born from the Pre-order DNC ETPS centralise system. From February 2016 - June 2018 we have been running the DNC pre-order system. During this period many people received the DNC in hand and converted the DNC to Bitcoin, Ethereum, IB / ICE and also converted to the form of physical Dinar gold 4.25 "999.9". We have previously released documentation on publish how much crypto and how much physical gold has been received by hand on this document: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1oqVAHmCpio2EgDEsGnaVe69dMtcLpO_t Prior to migration, we notified all users via MASS email in March 2018 which is 3 months before the migration. If you want to understand why migration is necessary please read this article to understand why it is necessary to migrate and why not continue to use the centralize system: https://www.coindesk.com/token-swaps-work-theyre-happening-now In the world, any real crypto product that is pre-ordered or Pre-Ico will surely create its own blockchain and create its own coin called "Native Coin" as a store value of asset owned by the coin holders . This is how DDK was conceived by using the DPOS protocol to govern the platform. For the price, when we migrate into crypto currency we must understand that its system is not controlled by any centralized entity such as ETPS. DDK has become a real crypto currency and has been accepted by CoinMarketCap's top ranking exchangers namely Simex and Dobi and a few more exchanges will be launched. When prices no longer depend on the centralise entity that produces them to make them worthwhile, the price must be determined by the market based on fluctuative price based demand and supply. The created price process can be seen clearly and transparently in the "BID & ASK" of the exchanger where the price is determined by the coin holder (ASK) and the coin buyer (BID). It is hoped that this explanation will provide a bit of info and insights on the pricing mechanisms for DDK. Let me know if you still have any questions.
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    Hello Datuk Arai Dnc was converted to ddk at 1:1. Dnc had usd200 value because of gold. So my question is what gave ddk a value of usd200 that you gave us 1ddk for 1dnc. You cannot just say it is now decentralised and blame sh for low price.You have a responsibility since you took our usd200dnc and gave us this ddk which was not worth usd200 and now worth less than 5% of our investment. You must realise the hardship you have caused many investors and have a moral obligation to us since we did not have any option not to accept ddk for our dnc. My next question is l can put a selling price of usd200 but why is anybody going to pay usd200 for ddk. It must have value for someone to pay that price. Where is its value. So it is not so simple as saying sh are selling low. They are forced to sell low because nobody wants to pay for a coin that does not appear to have any value. Looking forward to your reponse. Thank you.
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    Assalamualaikum.. So why DNC migration to DDK?we all know DNC is pre ICO before go to the real crypto curenncy with decentralized system,but...if DNC still avalaible in DINEX why DNC not migration from DNC to DNC?why DNC to DDK?if we talk about cause it is pre ICO so why DNC very expensive before?and look at the price now..OMG. Many people talking DDK is a limited supply but too easy to make new DDK everymonths by staking reward,and impact to the DDK price becomes low...cause everybody sell a lot of DDK on GE when they get their SR. So what do u mean about limited supply?