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  1. Is global arena or virtual arena was an example of project made from dai?
  2. Oh yeah, this is what I've been waiting for to hear. Thanks Dato @Arai_Ezzra for the info.
  3. Thanks for the info. What am I asking was some visual or textual sign indicating that I'm already qualified for the ARP.
  4. Awaiting for somebody to share and add up some knowledge regarding this matter. In my opinion, if we can hook this technology to e-commerce industry, I believe it will surely shoot up. Example, An e-commerce platform like shopee adapt the use of our token or blockchain in dealing online payments. Advantage of this, shopee can implement some rules that as long as the item wasn't delivered to the customer, payment will not also be delivered to the seller. Or the buyer can't execute purchase request as long as the payment wasn't settled in. Of course, as long as the seller or buyer didn't complete the transaction yet, the payment will hang at some wallet address. In this case, we can ensure the sincerity of the buyer and seller to do business. And that is where our technology comes in. For sure, nobody wanted to be scammed by other party, therefore, seller and customer will surely make use of this technology for the assurance that they will never be cheated. For sure, coin demand will rise up and so the price. It was just an idea of mine and I was really waiting for this kind of development.
  5. Hello guys, Is there any easy way to see or any indication that we are already satisfied the requirements for ARP and ready to receive any airdrop? If none, can we do something about this?
  6. Perhaps your upline staked before launching. Try to check it, because as far as I know, the moment that the ARP was launched, every token staked after will be listed and can be viewed separately with those staked token before. See below SS as an example, encircled item was staked after launching. Then by hitting AIRDROP, ARP button, I untick Airdrop and leaving ARP alone. You can now view you're staked coins after launching. I think this way we can verify if our staked coin successfully carried inside ARP. I'm not sure if we really need to create new accounts and stake 100ddk to avail ARP, but what I knew is that, we need to create a new account under new referral link once your upline fulfilled the minimum requirements. We cannot use the old hierarchy anymore. Hoping for someone to clarify more.
  7. A security that can eliminate bogus transaction, giving a high confidence for both buyers and sellers to do transactions without having a second thought or fear that they might got victimize.
  8. Is there any developer or anybody already integrating our ddk to E-commerce industry? What I mean is not just only by simple payment, or p2p transfer. Something like integrating to some e-commerce platform, as a payment solution with added securities for both seller and buyer. Eliminating those bogus parties by utilizing our ddk block chain technology.
  9. Iamced


    Thanks @maggiemae for the info. Anyway, try this new mainnet links. I guessed they've created new while those previous links are under maintenance. https://mainnet12.ddkoin.com/login https://mainnet13.ddkoin.com/login https://mainnet14.ddkoin.com/login https://mainnet15.ddkoin.com/login https://mainnet16.ddkoin.com/login https://mainnet17.ddkoin.com/login
  10. Hello, Does the mainnet is already ok as of now? Upon checking my accounts, all of it returning me with ZERO ddk, both frozen and liquid. Though I noticed that blockchain was unstable and stucking at certain heights, I just would like to clarify the issue I'm having in. Again, I have ZERO frozen and liquid DDK, and I doubted that I missed my passphrase as history from past transactions are still intact. FYI, I've already clear my caches, cookies etc. Looking for your kind assistance.
  11. If you were done exploring these and none were available anymore, you can start down voting delegates. Just go to My votes under delegates tab. Tick Up to 3 delegates you want to down vote. Then Down Vote button will appear at upper right corner Then press. Presto, you now have available delegates to vote in.
  12. Hello, this was just an example sited to me from above post. Please see below.
  13. Just to share a hint of my idea how to minimize fees... Create 4 accounts, try to play or figure out how you can distribute by transferring rewards into other accounts. Just 4 accounts will suffice.
  14. Is there any ongoing project same like or sort of what stated in the example? Im just curious.