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  1. Is there any ongoing project same like or sort of what stated in the example? Im just curious.
  2. Hello Dato Thanks for the information. On my part, what I'm interested to hear more other than trading is about apps or services where can we utilize our coin. Where demand will rise up as this services were fully adapted. Don't get me wrong, we believed in you, so as this project., so to speak, we are patiently waiting for the time that DDK will soar high. But of course, there's a time that we want to hear something that may boost our optimism, in which one of it is the use or demand of our coin, not only in trading, but in exchange of merchandise, services etc. as payment. Maybe we just overlook those projects that were posted, thus please excuse our ignorance and accept our apology as some of us, including me, is not so conversant in this technology and we're just catching up. Once again, thank you Dato Arai. you have our support...
  3. Couldn't agree more. I just notice that we are having too much supply. Now airdrop completely depleted, yet here comes airdrop 2. For me, its much exciting to hear projects where we can utilize our beloved tokens, as we all know that price will increase as demand increases. Looking forward for these projects. I am hoping plenty goods and services will adopt ddk as their mode of payment in the near future.
  4. Can you please elaborate in a way we can fully understand? I'm not satisfied with google translate
  5. Hello guys, Just to have something to say when I asked to the likes of my title. 1. Why should we choose ddkoin than other crypto? What makes it more superior? 2. What are the guarantees that this coin will be worth buying and sooner and later, value will be skyrocketing?
  6. Crystal clear! I like the way you presented and cited an example to support your explanation. Thank you for elighting me.
  7. Good day guys! I'm still wondering how does the use of ddk blockchain in some industries like pharmaceuticals which was posted before, will help increass the price of our token? I am collaborating all information and ideas for me to learn and understand crypto world. I would be glad if someone could enlighten me how does the use of ddkoin blockchain affects its price?
  8. Because they have time difference. Check their time. I pressume that you voted earlier than 1026pm. You voted at 0240pm.
  9. Hello, Sorry for my ignorance, but I'm really curious if there a big chance for DDKoin to be the offiicial crypto of Malaysia? What I mean is of course, DDK came from Malaysia and if Im not mistaken, this is the first in Malaysia isn't it? My thought is that, if DDKoin could successfully penetrate the market in Malaysia and be used even just locally means of exchange, for sure demand will increase, thus the price shoots up. Again, sorry for my ignorance but where are we now? Glad to hear some updates.
  10. Thank you Arai_Ezzra for clarification. I was so hesitant to introduce this to my friends because of the warning notification in CMC that's why I ask a better explanation for this. This time, I'm more confident to promote as I knew how to answer whenever this tagging issue arises.
  11. Hello DDKoin admins, Any idea when will be the tagging of DDKoin affiliation to Dinar Dirham Global be remove at CMC?