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  1. based on the recent release dtimeline it will be 1st qtr of 2020. lets hope the developers can meet this target.
  2. Dear admin I had recently carried out voting. However, i noticed only 1 out of 31 of my staked frozen ddks was updated. Voting fees of 0.0031 were deducted. please look into the matter, thank you. Block id: 1fb40ba433e009634e80b0a283ecf9d9da1fdb7968cc0be1e02fe8184d523feb
  3. Hi Indira I think the passphrase link has been suspended until further notice. Rgds
  4. Alternative option to dump ddk. However 20% payable is high. Is it opened only to swap ddk or others coins? Also note that ddk (coin) exchange to SIMX token is totally 2 different animal. Need to clarify further. t
  5. Harga DDK yang rendah sekarang memberi peluang kepada SH sekelian mengumpol lebih banyak ddks dengan harga borong atau murah, selain membolehkan nilai "total average" ddk dalam pegangan (frozen) ke paras yang lebih rendah utk meraikan keuntungan yang lebih tinggi sekiranya harga pasaran naik pada masa mendatang.
  6. thank you for the clarification. At least we know that this issue is under the radar of our Master Founder.
  7. Thank you for the reply. Would appreciate much if there is a timeline. Thanks
  8. Dear Admin There are still SHs who have yet to obtain their passphrase. Understand that the function has been suspended, temporarily. Would the team be able to update on the status of the suspension and when will it be lifted. Thank you