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  1. Nowadays, social media has become an idol for many people to do promotions. People who have a lot of fans, followers, and friends on their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others can become influencers. Influence on social media is an opportunity to promote a product or service to followers, friends, or fans. Every person who has a social media account can undoubtedly be a promoter of a product or service. So, why didn't DDKoin utilize the power of the promoter for promotion and increase demand ?. The way it works is relatively easy: give DDKoin rewards to each promoter who shares DDK campaigns to their social media accounts. DDK Foundation only provides media to bring promoters and advertisers together. The advertiser creates a campaign using DDKoin as a budget; then the promoter shares the campaign link to their social media accounts to get DDKoin rewards. Maybe the media was included in the DDK Forum section or created a new subdomain via the link. For example, DDKoin rewards for promoters: 0,0001 for each promoter sharing the link campaign. 0,001 for each action a friend or follower promoter shares a link campaign to his social media account. 0.01 for actions to purchase or register through a link campaign. ARP is still running, stakeholders DDKoin through the site created by the DDK Foundation can promote their ARP links that will be shared by promoters. Or DDK stakeholders have a product or service that they want to promote, please create a campaign and pay using DDKoin; then the campaign will be shared on various social media accounts by promoters. Through the very real power of promoters, DDKoin will quickly become viral in various circles. Even promoters who don't know DDK will surely share and distribute DDK to their friends or followers to get rewards. A small reward is not a problem for the promoter, because the task is quite easy: register as a promoter on the site (owned by the DDK Foundation), then choose a link campaign to share with social media accounts. DDK will be viral everywhere, profits to the DDK Foundation, advertisers, and promoters. Thank You
  2. Greetings to Founders, CO-Founders, Management Teams, DDK Developers, and Stakholders I will introduce myself to the DDK community. My name is Hadinata Siddiq, from Indonesia. My job is a lecturer in a private high school, a blogger, and also serves ordering articles. I joined DDK through the DNC product in June 2017 and after Soft-Fork (Migration) finished automatically I have an account on the DDK platform. In the beginning I joined from a friend who immediately met me and told me about DNC products. At that time, I just assumed that this was an ordinary business that would benefit when I joined. But, when there was a plan to crypto, I began to be interested and learn about "what is DDK?" In some of my online jobs, payment via Bitcoin. And I have never thought about the technology used by Bitcoin. All I do is accept Bitcoin, then convert it to IDR. It turned out that through DDK I began to learn about alcoin: Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple, and other crypto coins. Learning a lot of coins, made me even more familiar with DDK and saw the various potentials it had. DDK has educated me about cryptocurrency. It is not enough to say "thank you", but I have to support this DDK project according to my ability. I am very confident that DDK will provide many benefits to its stakeholders and prosper in the future as a cryptocurrency product. Anyone who can see economic opportunities on DDK will surely continue to be with DDK and is always optimistic about spreading positive information about DDK to everyone. For me, DDK is a financial solution, crypto mining solution, digital transaction solution, investment solution, savings solution, and good-spread solution. Special "thank you" to dato' @Arai_Ezzra