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  1. 1. There is no such thing as pre ready 1st passphrase. Had to claim it ourselves and there were no 2nd passphrase at the time. I still dont get it how already claimed 1st passphrase can still be obtained by other person to claim other people 2nd passphrase. 2. Remaining account is not the problem here. Please advise on the stolen passphrase account
  2. 1) I claimed the first passphrase already long before there is 2nd passphrase claim. 2) as in my previous reply i have 10 accounts at the same place and few of them are of big account. Luckily only the small one are stolen but a bit weird when the far bigger account are not the one of pick to steal for
  3. Exactly @Arai_Ezzra. I did not claim the passphrase yet but someone already claimed it before me and by the time i want to claim the passphrase, i cannot and until now i have no control of my account. The account is actively voting and sending DDK. 3 of my account passphrase was lost out of 10 and it was all kept under same file and place. Please enlighten me why is this happening
  4. Sorry to say but I was informed differently by DDK CEO when confronted directly regarding the stolen passphrase issue. All i get is it was SH fault if the passphrase was stolen and got blocked even there were no solution and clarification provided.