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    I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.
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  1. Glad to be back here in DDK Forum. It's been a while. To all my fellow Pinoy Stakeholders, join the DDK Forum now! 

    1. zmeldg


      Now that you're back @dml25, it will be a stronger Filipino Community. We need a crytpo educator like you.

    2. dml25


      @zmeldg Talagang educator? No, I must say, DDK has the greatest impact in teaching me how to know about cryptocurrencies. Hindi naging madali yun, but because of DDK founder's efforts, since DNC days, grabe. Nakita natin yung improvement lalo na nung nalist siya sa Coinmarketcap. It's really a productive blockchain project because you will know how freedom works when you let yourself dig in to that deepest technology innovation. Mahirap pero masaya. Hope everyone can share their difficulties in learning about cryptocurrencies. I'm not into technical terms. Let go basic. 👍