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  1. Thank you Dato for your reply. It take sometime for me to tabulate the table and study the coins history. The coins of course need sometime to increase it price, and it would be great if DDK have more market place in CMC that can help to increase the price faster . But since DDK is only 5 months young I am sure the management has come out with strategies to increase DDK price.
  2. Dear Dato and the management team, first of all thank you for making this forum available for us. We now can get the latest updates, accurate information and ask questions from you and the management team. I have a few questions here..may I know how do the DDK coin scarcity effect its price since there are 2k coins exist in CMC. I know that DDK has limited supply. But I still cannot brain how can DDK coin price can increase and compete with the other coins and be top 10 in CMC. Also I followed a few leaders updates saying that in year 2020 they predicted DDK price can go higher then today's market price. From your opinion Dato what is your prediction for DDK price. Thanks.