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  1. For SH who would want to exchange their crypto to Philippine Peso (Php), deposit your DDK to Exmarkets, trade DDK with ETH or BTC then withdraw to local exchanger called Coins Ph. To save fees transfer ETH or BTC to Coins Pro and exchange with Php. Cash out Php from Coins Pro to Coins Ph then cash out to any known banks in the Philippines. If you want lesser fees, deposit DDK to Exmarkets, exchange with USDT, withdraw and deposit to another Global exchanger with XRP, trade USDT with XRP then withdraw to local exchanger called Coins PH. To save fees transfer XRP to Coins Pro and exchange with Php. Cash out Php from Coins Pro to Coins Ph then cash out to any known banks in the Philippines. Hope this helped! Keep staking, Zmel
  2. They say, charity begins at home. If charity means compassion, kindheartedness and benevolent goodwill toward or love of humanity, then we really have to start it at home, but it should not end there. During this pandemic, we see a very challenging future for humanity. New norm will be in place and adaption to technological advancement and digital transformation will be an edge . Those who will have resistance to change will be left behind and will have hard time coping up with the global challenges. Lack of knowledge will contribute to the incoming depression due to a lot of factor such as recession and lack of support from the Government. Who else then should we prepare first not only today but most importantly their future? It is with this premise that I decided to educate my children and make them aware of blockchain technology and cryptocurrrency at a young age. Making them understand how the technology works and how knowledge of these will secure their future and be ready for whatever challenges they will face in the future. Of course, DDK blockchain will be their subject for opening doors to these technology and will be their school in broadening their financial understanding. To make it a little exciting and rewarding, I have formulated a way where they can start investing on their own and do their own staking, voting, gaining, staking again and voting. We have agreed to DDK Investment scheme and reward system based on physical work they do. Out of their monthly school allowance, 25% will be deducted immediately and will serve as their investment. Instead of giving them cash gift, we also decided to give DDK as birthday gift. They will also be rewarded for good standing in school and DDK will also be given for household chores. This a proof that blockchain is borderless, decentralize, secure and transparent. They manage their own account and enjoying enhanced security and financial benefits. More than anything else, they are now more knowledgeable on finances. The number of DDK invested gains every month and this more than an insurance for their future. Soon they will learn trading and other complicated aspect of the technology. There is literally no limit to what they can achieve if they will start young. Even before 45 Million DDK will all be circulated by 2028, they will be ready for whatever the future brings. I hope I have shared valuable material and inspired others. Keep staking, Z
  3. Dear @Arai_Ezzra, Appreciate you taking time to comment on my self introduction. I hope it somehow inspired others, the same inspiration i got from the great minds behind the DDK blockchain. Thank you too for choosing it as one of the winners. Zmel
  4. As we celebrate the first anniversary of DDK Main-Net, today 15 of my interested colleagues joined me in a session to introduce DDKoin to them. Using MS Teams, we were able to discuss a view background on blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, global exchangers, POW/POS/DPOS. After introducing the basics, I toured them in the mainnet and introduce the functionality. As a working individual, I showed them how easy it is to gain by just buying DDK form exchangers, sending to DDK wallet, staking, voting, getting reward, staking again and voting cycle. I told them that it will not require them to much time and they will benefit from the staking reward. I also mentioned that if they will help to make this coin known to a lot of colleagues, it will drive demand and will soon make the value of DDkoin higher. This benefit is on top of the referral and chain referral reward that they will have. They were too delighted to have known this but was even jealous that they were not able to know it earlier. I have fulfilled my promise to share my 20 DDK winnings to a good cause, 5 of which was already donated to DUREF and the original plan of sharing 10 DDK to 10 FIlipino friends and keeping 5 for myself and for demo purposes became a total of 15 DDK shared to 15 colleagues who specify their interest to join and invest more. They said that this pandemic became their opportunity to learn more and to benefit from the emerging technology. They understood that this is the future. They like the idea of decentralization and the neatness of how the project was created through a smart contract. I will never get tired of introducing DDK to more of my colleagues because this is the future. Thank you for the opportunity. Keep staking, Z
  5. It's either we adopt or be left behind. This is my take on digital transformation of society through cryptocurrency. DDK for me is the next big thing. Hello, my name is Zmel Grabillo from the Philippines. I am working in Maynilad Water, one of the concessionaires of the Metropolitan Waterworks, handling two business areas covering several cities in Metro Manila particularly the Cities of Valenzuela, Malabon, Navotas and potions of Caloocan and Quezon City. My job requires a lot of time to focus on a lot of major key performance indicators. Just like in any other organization, the measure of success is sustained growth. Therefore gearing up for the future is very important. Not only that, sustained growth should be aligned to meeting the service obligation specified in the Business Plan as indicated in the Concession Agreement. So everything that we do should be coupled with efficiency, prudence, and satisfying customer or customer experience. Bottom line, I don't have a luxury of time to work on complicated things requiring time but of no value or less beneficial. I came to know the then, DNC using ETPS wallet platform in October 2017 from a respected senior colleague. The marketing plan and the reward system were few of the reasons I got interested plus the fact that it was not so time consuming because you have the option to just make it a passive income or invite others to join and enjoy the same benefit of the passive income. Back then, I don't have any background about blockchain, cryptocurrency, ICOs, POW/POS/DPOS, and other known terminologies relating to the technology. This made me uncomfortable during the migration to DDK platform and to the conversion of DNC to DDKoin. I was confused, uneasy and unsure of the future. But the transparency, constant communication in many medium and platform of the management made me to hold onto and surprisingly buying more towards the start of the migration. I can't say it was a wise decision. Most will say it was a big loss comparing the amount in Phillipine peso (Php) of the purchased of DNC to the volatile and decentralize value of DDKoin when it was launch up until now. But that didn't hinder me from discovering the opportunity of the DDK blockchain and what it has to offer. Again, it was the faith of the management and other shareholders and the transparency of all the works involved that made we believe more. I thought I will not be able to recover if I just rely my own investment on the decision, suggestion and analysis of others. At this point, I started doing my own research (DYOR) and I kept on asking questions to colleagues who understand the subject matter better. So when i started creating my first DDK account in September 2018, I was ready to gamble and decided to move forward. I began trusting myself and keen on discovering new things related to blockchain and cryptocurrency. I also appreciated the development done with DDKblockchain from the day it was launched. More than eighteen (18) months had past and I did the right decision. I understood more the fluctuation of DDKoin value and despite it's volatility, I am still gaining something to settle utility bills. It still doesn't take so much of my time as it only requires a vote every week and gains every after 4th vote. It was the easiest investment cycle I have ever encountered - stake, vote, get reward, stake, vote and so on. I am more excited of what the future holds for DDK but I am certain that this is the future. Its blockchain surpasses a lot of crypto project out in the market. Even some of the known coin will be having a relaunch which will utilize DPOS protocol. I have also learned to trade DDK to other crypto and do it if I have spare time to do so. I have developed knowledge in understanding the complexity of the variety of exchangers. This i owe to DDK and to all the great minds behind it. This made me inspired to pay it forward and orient more colleagues to learn the technology and create opportunity for them as well. I have allotted 10 DDK of my winnings in the #workfromhome challenge to give a free one DDK each to ten of my Filipino friends who are interested in learning blockchain and cryptocurrency. We will be having their first session through MS Teams, a work from home set-up, tomorrow, 25th of April, Saturday 9 AM. With the expected use cases in the coming years, DDK will be bigtime. Appreciating all the hard work of Datu Arai Ezzra and CEO Nurshuhada Zainal and the rest of the DDKoin team. Thank you as well to all the friends whom are all great influencers and teachers in discovering the norm of the future. I am certain that I will not be left behind. PS: Sharing one of the segment of our company newsletter featuring the work that I do. Keep on staking, Z