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  1. I haven't tried it USDT with PDAX but other opitons within is comparably higher in fees so i didnt bother to use PDAX and when tried exchanging too, there is very low volume in terms of trading.
  2. Very nice. Blockstream featured once more staking and voting to emphasize how easy it was to have a passive income and abundant opportunities with cryptocurrency, DDK in this case. This is the best way to gain and divest this gains to new basket of opportunities. Yes this is an ecosystem and a close loop with the existing exchanges where DDK is listed. This topic that discusses the basic operation being executed by the SH should not be neglected. Those who will mention they dont recommend staking is missing the point. Yes we can agree on that point if you choose the diversify and do trading but never to hand over your asset and let others manage for you. The video featured also one of the Blogs explaining why there is no better place for staking and voting that in DDK platform. This is and will always be a first hand experience of the more 380k++ token holders. We could not agree more. Another nice video Blocksteam.
  3. Ini adalah kaedah yang paling mudah tetapi sah untuk menaikkan harga DDK. Ekonomi asas ini. Mengurangkan bekalan dengan meletakkan 20-25% DDK cair untuk memastikan memperoleh 10% keuntungan setara yang diterima dan dinikmati sebelum blok turun pada bulan November 2019 ini. Mengeluarkan 8% sahaja dan mempertaruhkan lebih banyak akan benar-benar mengurangkan penawaran dan jika permintaan meningkat, harga DDK pasti akan meningkat dengan ketara
  4. For the complete and updated videos:
  5. DDKoin is now listed in 6 price index website. The most updated and reliable of which is the Coinranking. These listings contain information about the true value of particular cryptocurrency. One of the measurement indicator is the coin market capitalization. As discussed in the previous video of Blockstream, market capitalizatio of cryptocurrency is the product of circulating supply and price of each coin. Coin listings contains not just ranking of crypto in terms of maket cap but can also rank according to daily volume. It also contains ranking of exchange available. Enjoy watching this video from Blockstream and continue developing the understanding of the technologies that revolve around it.
  6. Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization or Cryptocurrency Market Cap is a useful metric to know the real value of cryptocurrency. Market cap = Total Circulating Supply x Price of each coin. In other words, it is a product of the coin’s circulating supply and the price of each coin. For example If “Coin x” has 10,000,000 coins in circulation and each coin is worth $7, the A Coin’s market cap will be 10,000,000 x 7 = $70,000,000 Similarly, if “Coin y" is worth $10 and has 50,000 coins in circulation, its market cap will be 50,000*10 = $500,000. So, even if the individual price of Coin Y is more than that of Coin X, the overall value of Coin X is much more than Coin Y. This is why market cap is a better indicator of a company’s worth than the price of its individual tokens. Credit to In one of the videos of Blockstream, they compared all the website where DDKoin is listed. They have featured that Coinranking is the most updated and most reliable price index website where DDK is listed. Enjoy the video and learn! Thank you Blockstream Channel.
  7. ARP finally ended and fully consumed in the early hours today, August 4, 2020. This boost the price prior to full consumption and now gradually being corrected and some are now disposing their liquid DDK.
  8. One of the indications of trustworthiness of an organization is its transparency and the available communication medium that they have where community are provided updates and information on the development and current events and activities of its product and services. DDK Management has set up quite a lot of medium of communication where it can accept queries, questions and complaints, if any. Blockstream has shown these mediums and provided overview on where to reach DDK and all the documentation about the project. They never ceased to amaze us. Keep watching and keep staking.
  9. Could not agree more. Let's enjoy the ride to the moon. Yay!
  10. When I started noticing their tutorial video, I was asking whether Blockstream would release a video on how to cash out or exchange cryptocurrency (DDK) into fiat (Php). They never failed the public and recently released this video. I like that they comprehensively explained the whole process from GE to local exchanger and eventually convert it to fiat and use it paying bills or can be transferred to any banks. It was a similar process with other countries but using different local exchanger for obvious reason. The video is very inspirational too as it showed actual gains being liquidated and used. I hope Blockstream will continue to create this kind of videos in the future.
  11. That would be nice if there will be ARP 3.0. In any case though, without ARP supply will be reduced and same thing will happen after the expected DDK halving. Lesser supply with booming demand will boost DDK price.
  12. I think some of the hanging questions about proof of burn, DAI and DVM were discussed in this forum post.
  13. Yes, I agree! You would not mind trust issues and fraud as well.
  14. I did not realize they have this video already showing and explaining how to by DDKoin in Exmarkets. This video contains a proof how good Exmarkets is as an exchange. One of the few GE's with zero withdrawal and deposit fee. The video featured as well one post in forums about Exmarkets. They have summarized also the process of buying DDK using fiat. Summarizing again the procedure, Fiat converted with Cryptocurrency (XRP) using  Withdraw and Deposit XRP to Binance  Exchange XRP to USDT in Binance  Withdraw and Deposit USDT to Exmarkets  Exchange USDT to DDK  Withdraw and Deposit DDK to DDK Blockchain’s preferred address. Enjoy buying your DDK and keep on staking.
  15. I guess Coinmargin is relatively new and will still work to be listed