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  1. hi and hello .... introduce my name is hamid hamidi, from lombok Indonesia. I told you that at first I was familiar with ddkoin ... Around November 2018 I was introduced to the ETPS_DNC business by my friend. My time with DNC has been quite successful so I get a balance bonus ... It turns out that this bonus is my first and last bonus at ETPS ... after that DNC migrated to "cryptocurrency" digital money. Initially I did not understand at all about "DDKOIN" or cryptocurrency ... during the long migration period, I was kept held accountable from DNC investors ... it felt like that time I wanted to end this business but because I was curious and kept trying to seek knowledge from various kinds of references so that I'm still here with ddkoin ... I am currently feeling very grateful for my introduction to this ddkoin, because I know cryptocurrency, and I have income ... Thank you DNC, DELEGATE, UPLINE, DDKOIN. Now I just focus on ddkoin ..
  2. Harga ddk turun terus sejak di luncurkan : Bulan 1 turun 30% dari sebelumnya Bulan 2 turun 30% dari sebelumnya Bulan 3 turun 30% dari sebelumnya Bulan 4 turun 30% dari sebelum Begitulah alur ceritanya terus 30%
  3. Turunnya setiap bulqn 30%-30%-30 sehingga sisa harga sekarang cmn 10%,... ntar lagi jd tak bernilai kl terus begini...
  4. Apakah mainnet lagi gangguan?

    Sebab ktk sy vote ke 8 tdk muncul SR di dashboard!

    Dan di riwayat muncul "REQUEST TIME OUT FROM API" mohon pencerahannya? TerimakasihScreenshot_20190920-082336_Chrome.thumb.jpg.ab289ae4d83d6835185e7b3469a55af6.jpg


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      Boleh tuan post soalan tuan itu di bahagian "complaints & report" di forum:



      terima kasih

  5. Salam kenal juga.... saya dari Lombok. Sy jg baru mengenal crypto sejak mengenal DDKOIN.... terimakasih DDKOIN.