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  1. Yes we have that. Please download from this links untuk Bahasa Melayu ya : TQ
  2. In our migration phase we have comeout some documents to understand DEEPER on why we need to migrate from CENTRALIZE system to DECENTRALIZE system. Some input and info also can be read from this thread : In you want to get more understand why need to SWAP or MIGRATE you can also refer from this article from COINDESK : Please download the attachment file to read more deeper about "DECENTRALIZE ECOSYSTEM OF DNC & DDK" on PDF below : Behind the Decentralized Ecosystem of DNC.pdf
  3. Dear @Chris89, Anytime before making any transaction please do check in our nodes list for the status of network and connections from here : Since the nature of DDK system is decentralize and distributed it will have some nodes which is up and down. Please monitor the block before making any transaction that can also be refer from this DDK Explorer :
  4. 1 = What we can learn from here on this use cases, - Any DDK account that born and coming from ETPS is "compulsary" to create 2nd Passphrase to ensure that you're the RIGHT ownership of that account so no one can takoever your account and even DDK Foundation team also and developers did not know as 2nd Passphrase is "USER SIDE ENCRYPTION" that use BIP39 Encryption when u create. We have to know that our Pre-order ETPS migration from centralise to decentralize is done auto mapping to all users with pre-ready address and 1st Passphrase. After done migration to blockchain based asset DDK, all pre-order ETPS user have to take ownership of that account and keep their own asset safely. 2 = Hope remaining account has been done to create 2nd Passphrase
  5. @JCM , we're actually in the process of challenging the law & power of Demand & Supply in crypto currency product. By theory and fundamental rules, we know that Limited Supply will win at the end. Maybe when you research and find out answer of this photo might make you understand more further on your question :
  6. Dear @streal73, From your explanation i can think there is 2 possibility : 1) Your ETPS username and password is exposed to someone else when we open for Pasphrase claimed within 11 months duration. Solution : If you'r the right owner of the DDK account you have to get the "first passphrase" and RIGHT AWAY create "second passphrase" to avoid any other party trying to takeover your account. 2) Your place that you keep the passphrase is keeping online in email or your computer that expose to any "Trojan" or 'Keylogger". Solution : Please print your passphrase and keep offline. With this method no one can get your passphrase. Me myself also print out all passphrase and keep offline for big account to avoid any risks.
  7. Hehe panjang diskusi nya, teruskan diskusi secara ilmiah dan melontarkan padangan masing-masing. Apa-apa pun kita kena terima "hakikat" nya bahawa asset yang telah dimiliki di tangan ini adalah sebuah asset crypto currency yang dijalankan menggunakan DPOS mempunyai sifat decentralize, distributed dan open source. Bercakap tentang DEMAND, kalau siapa yang trade di SIMEX dan DOBI dan melibatkan diri dengan secara langsung di BIDS dan ASKS akan faham kenapa harga turun di kala baru sahaja 5 bulan running mainnet. Semua ini berlaku secara "alami" dan genuine terhasil dari servis yang disediakan oleh exchanger untuk ketemukan "pembeli" dan "penjual" secara open, annonymous dan Peer 2 peer. Dan 1 FAKTA yang kita perlu tahu ....SH faham atau tidak DDK akan terus berbakti to all SH secara decentralize melalui nodes-nodes buat masa ini selepas berjalan selama 5 bulan secara decentralize kita sudah mempunyai 145++ nodes ( ) dan untuk capai tahap Ethereum yg mempunyai 8000++ nodes. Satu lagi, Harga DDK rendah atau tinggi ianya terus menghasilkan volume trading per day sekitar $50,000 - $100,000 USD per 24 hours matching penjual dan pembeli ( ) dan Simex terus menerima deposit BTC/ETH (buyer) dan juga Simex juga honour (Withdraw) all your BTC/ETH withdraw within 24 hours. Bukan tu sahaja harga rendah atau tinggi, Airdrop terus mengalir keluar ( ) dan Staking terus berlaku sekitar 10,000 DDK per hari mengurangi Unmined balance ( ) dan ada waktu tertentu sehingga 15,000 stake per day dan transaction VOTE dan SEND secara p2p amat besar dan kadang2 on "peak hour" transaction saya tengok active dan huge blockchain DDK block kita terus berjalan setiap 10 saat kadang2 sampai 100++ transaction per block (
  8. If you are an SH who manages his own account since the time of the centralized Pre-Order ETPS system will surely experienced and feels that the migration carried out from the centralized system to decentralize is very much needed then it is exposed to hackers, slow servers, no clear regulation (offshore), and still relies on other entity to manage your own assets . In crypto currency decentralize system, asset ownership for crypto currency DDK is fully owned and control by you. This is the main purpose of this technology. Maybe this article would help you understand the "main" purpose of the migration whether is success or not.. rather than focus why this why that. TQ
  9. Dear @streal73, i think you misunderstood the point of discussion here. We're discussing about passphrase which did not claim yet. Not about losing passphrase. Technology passphrase in DDK, we forked from Lisk and use same authentication that we inherited from Lisk you can also read here to make you understand more about "losing passphrase" :
  10. Good info. Info2 dan petua2 yang diberikan ini "Hanya jauhari yang mengenal manikam"
  11. Salam @Khairudin, Terima kasih diatas penyediaan dokumen yang cukup lengkap untuk penambahbaikan. Idea dan pandangan ada yang sangat berguna untuk dibangunkan seperti STAKE/STATUS dan ada juga idea yang tidak dapat dilakukan dalam sistem wallet decentralize untuk OPTION FOR VOTE & PROFILE/MERGE ACCOUNT.
  12. Dear @Abdullah-sallam , You need to understand the role of DDK Foundation in maintaining the price. Please study the role of other crypto foundations in the market so that you understand the role of foundations in each crypto currency project. As a Foundation team and including myself as a Founder I have been working a lot since the beginning of this project in ensuring that the system's structure, security, features and tools are available and created for the benefit of all users rather than just focusing on price. Understand that the DDK is a scarce when you compare the circulated supply volume in the market is small compared to other crypto's in the market and by statistic estimation we can see that the total circulated supply is now around 12% which is still 88% has not been mine yet or taken by any individual. And just to let you know, 88% of these unmined balances are also not owned or held by anyone and are just waiting to be distributed by smart contract for anyone that eligible when success on 4 votes a week. So, we know that DDK has very little supply and is now we're in the "education" phase of providing information through TD and Sub-TD is also active in creating classes/training so that all SH's understand what assets are at hand and how to convert their assets into BTC , ETH or USDT and at the same time SH should know how to buy DDK in an exchanger and not just make P2P transactions and expect prices to go up. All of this requires a process, migration also require 11 months and it is also a process where many do not believe that we can launch this DDK and we have finally succeeded. Same like now also is a process, it has been about 4 months since we launched the New Core mainnet and when we look at Whitepaper (Total circulated supply based on staking reward) our journey is still early and various products are yet to be launched for adoption tools like Merchant, Payment Gateway, New Explorer, DAI, Aepos 2.0, Airdrop 2.0, SendStake, Delegate Support System, Developer's Central which we will be launching in 3-4 months prior to 2020 which we know is the year when crypto currency will become normal and usage will expand.
  13. Dear @pag1935 , First we all know that DDK was born from the Pre-order DNC ETPS centralise system. From February 2016 - June 2018 we have been running the DNC pre-order system. During this period many people received the DNC in hand and converted the DNC to Bitcoin, Ethereum, IB / ICE and also converted to the form of physical Dinar gold 4.25 "999.9". We have previously released documentation on publish how much crypto and how much physical gold has been received by hand on this document: Prior to migration, we notified all users via MASS email in March 2018 which is 3 months before the migration. If you want to understand why migration is necessary please read this article to understand why it is necessary to migrate and why not continue to use the centralize system: In the world, any real crypto product that is pre-ordered or Pre-Ico will surely create its own blockchain and create its own coin called "Native Coin" as a store value of asset owned by the coin holders . This is how DDK was conceived by using the DPOS protocol to govern the platform. For the price, when we migrate into crypto currency we must understand that its system is not controlled by any centralized entity such as ETPS. DDK has become a real crypto currency and has been accepted by CoinMarketCap's top ranking exchangers namely Simex and Dobi and a few more exchanges will be launched. When prices no longer depend on the centralise entity that produces them to make them worthwhile, the price must be determined by the market based on fluctuative price based demand and supply. The created price process can be seen clearly and transparently in the "BID & ASK" of the exchanger where the price is determined by the coin holder (ASK) and the coin buyer (BID). It is hoped that this explanation will provide a bit of info and insights on the pricing mechanisms for DDK. Let me know if you still have any questions.
  14. Glad to see you here ma bro @TD043_cryptoanalytic Keep posted your educational materials on this forum too.