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  1. Product "DDK Adoption Tools" target to launch before 25th December 2019 : 1) New Explorer 2) QR CODE + DDK QR INVOICE 3) DDK Developers Central
  2. The requirement to receive "Staking Reward" you must vote at least minimum 1 delegate in every 7 days. You can choose vote only 1 delegate or maximum choose is 3 delegate at a time for you to be qualify. It will be same fees for vote 1 delegate or 3 delegate.
  3. In DDK, we have 11 Web wallet to access your DDK asset for transaction. If the node is not working please change to another node. Please always refer to this "Debugger Node Status" before making any transaction to ensure the Node is Active in "Green colour" :
  4. Good information If anyone still did not understand what is DAI, please download this document and read from this link :
  5. Hello @Ricos, Please PM me personally in Private Message on this forum or email me at for me to assist you. We cannot discuss related to your Passphrase here as this is public forum. Regards,
  6. @Azizi , after making any transaction please refer DDK Explorer for checking the "confirmation" of the transaction on the blockchain. Please use this link : You can search by "Address" or search by "Transaction ID".
  7. Salam @Bismillaah2111, 1) Untuk "Permohonan : 1a" sila emailkan langsung requestnya ke email saya ya 2) Untuk "Permohonan : 2b" kita akan launch NEW DDK EXPLORER yang akan mempunyai price dan beberapa feature untuk melihat lebih DEEPER on price and transaction. Sila lihat disini : - untuk REVIEW our MOCKUP for the new explorer : - untuk REVIEW our MOCKUP for DDK QR CODE & DDK QR INVOICE : Harap link2 dan info tersebut membantu.
  8. I think the Decentralize Airdrop page already working well now
  9. This suggestion has been forwarded to our DDK Developers. We will relaunch within this 60 days optimization of Web Wallet with QR CODE for easy payment.
  10. Please us other 10 wallets to access your DDK asset if 1 wallet is down. Please always to check Debugger Monitor Panel before making any transaction :
  11. Welcome to the circle of "Trustless System" @ismailabinting .
  12. Hello done forwarded to our DDK Developers team for the improvement.
  13. Very weird your address is not valid. Any valid address should available to search in DDK Explorer :