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  1. Dear Dato @Arai_Ezzra, This happen between 27/8/2019 - 6/9/2019. Login using the same passphrase shows the ID no XXXXXXX4974 as shown in screenshot. DDK send to that acc on 28/8/2019. On 6/9/2019 still shows the ID no XXXXXXX4974. DDK still not receive. After 7/9/2019.. no more ID appear as XXXXXXX4974 but change to XXXXXXX49745. Detected when login using pp at mobile. Already check all the id, transaction and block in https://ddkexplorer.ddkoin.com/. DDK floating at ID XXXXXXX4974 and this id with no Public Key but registration confirmed as shown in screenshot. I will PM the pp to you dato. after all this recover, we will open new other acc. Thank you.
  2. desktop site just to see in desktop mode view version, no issues.. but the issues is my DDK now floating at account that no public key and unaccessable now.
  3. pp ok correct no missing word. after 7/9/2019 .. than both pc and mobile is sync. the ID is same ID XXXXXXXXXXXXXX49745. before that day, missing id no 5 screenshot all given. compare this. using the same pp.
  4. Dear Dato Arai, Actually all the details, i have send to support. The problem is when we register new account using PC, ID number is different between PC and Mobile. 1 digit missing. 27/8/2019 - New account opening (ID : XXXXXXXXXXXXXX4974) using PC. Registered Confirmed. 28/8/2019 - Send DDK to ID XXXXXXXXXXXXXX4974. Transaction confirmed. 6/9/2019 - ID XXXXXXXXXXXXXX4974 still not receive DDK Check using mobile, used the same passphrase, the ID is XXXXXXXXXXXXXX49745 Check using DDK Explorer, ID XXXXXXXXXXXXXX4974 receive DDK but no PUBLIC KEY Check using DDK Explorer, ID XXXXXXXXXXXXXX49745 not receive any DDK but there is a PUBLIC KEY 7/9/2019 - Login using the same passphrase at both PC and Mobile, the ID is same ID XXXXXXXXXXXXXX49745 Now DDK floating at ID XXXXXXXXXXXXXX4974 where the account can't be accessed Thank you.