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  1. Hi, Ya, setiap posting di forum ini boleh attach gambar. Tidak menjadi masalah.
  2. Hi, In the forum, we discuss things about ddkoin and the idea is to create awareness. If you have good reputation, someone may listen to your ideas. We also maintain the forum from abusive users. This is why we use the reputation model. We recently finished our first bounty contest where winners will receive ddkoin rewards. Only registered forumers can participate. If you dont have good reputation, you might get banned (because we warned bad users which affects their reputation). I hope this answers your question.
  3. Hi,

    Kami mengalukan tuan utk join forum ddk ini.

    Kami juga mengharapkan agar tuan boleh menggunakan status yang lebih positif dan mudah utk sekalian ddkoiners fahami. 

    1. xlosersx


      Hahaha sorry bang. Tujuan join sbb syarat wajib nk compete bounty infographic tu kena join forum ni. Maaf bang haha i really dnt know my status infected the others. Lol. Pastu nk tnya design infographic yg mcm mna dia nk? Video or what? Klau sy submit design flat infographic boleh?

    2. ForumAdmin



      Buatlah mengikut kreativiti tuan. Yg penting, syarat selainnya seperti tagging hasil kreativiti tuan itu harus dipatuhi. Ini supaya senang kami trace.

  4. I think these API are all for web application coders.
  5. The moderator has just manually approved your registration. -moderator
  6. It has been a while since you post something in the forum. We hope you are healthy there in China.

  7. Dear Rahman, Can you email all technical issue you encounter directly to for faster escalation. Sorry for any inconveniences caused. -forum moderator
  8. Bolehkah tuan screenshot dan email terus kepada . Ini kerana segala technical support adalah terus dari mereka manakala kami di sini hanya forum moderator. Terima kasih. -forum moderator
  9. Arif, For faster response can you email this problem directly to Thank you. - forum moderator
  10. Hi, I am the forum moderator.

    I see that you have a suspicious email address. Please do not spam or try to do anything illegal.

  11. Walaupun DDkoin tidak menggunakan teknologi mining seperti bitcoin, berita dari Reuters ini ( Klik sini: ) secara ringkasnya menggambarkan bahawa industry cryptocurrency akan bakal menarik lebih ramai pelabur global. Ini kerana ketidak-tentuan harga pasaran bitcoin akan lebih terkawal dengan adanya derivatif yg akan bakal menggurangkan ketidakpastian "hashrate" seterusnya menggurangkan risiko pelaburan mereka. Secara tidak langsung, DDKoin juga akan dapat menikmati peningkatan pelaburan didalam industry cryptocurrency ini.
  12. Yes Mr.Rahmadsyah. As the forum moderators, we always double check with all levels of DDK management before we perform any moderation. As and when there is an official critical/strategic announcement, only Forum admin or official DDK management representative can post such news. Thanks for your concern regarding the issue and we, forum moderators are always here to help.