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  1. Hi saifulpol, It is best to contact coinmakes support directly regarding this matter. Thank you. -forumadmin
  2. DDK being a decentralize cryptocoin is purely market driven. Economic usage and use cases for cryptocurrency is a very important element in increasing demand. I believe one day people will accept cryptocurrency as a norm. Just like how e-wallet (such as alipay) has evolved and now being widely used when it was non existent before 2003. It takes time but the future is very different from what we see now and cryptocurrency is going to be part of the financial ecosystem whether you like it or not.
  3. Hi sir, Sorry to hear the problem you are facing. Can you check your forum message from me. Thanks. -forumadmin
  4. Hi zmeldg, Please refer to the attached snapshot of calculation as per in the DDK whitepaper. 2028 is an estimated figure. Possible to finish all the unmined ddkoins within 10 years from 2018 because: 1) Not all DDK users are continuously staking since users could possibly withdraw or exchange to other coins. 2) The allocation for both direct and chain referral rewards will come out from Airdrop Rewards reserved until the 2% is finished. 3) For staking rewards, the distribution will be based on voting activity by stakeholders until all reach 41 million total DDKoin supply for stak- ing. - forumadmin
  5. Sir, after the launch of DDK Core 2.1 will the passphrase portal be opened. Developers are still on it. Please refer to the post here: Hope the answer helps.
  6. ForumAdmin


    Hi jimra, what do you mean actually?
  7. Welcome to the forum!
  8. Hi, Ya, setiap posting di forum ini boleh attach gambar. Tidak menjadi masalah.