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  1. Hello everything, oops sorry! Hello everyone, COVID-19 MCO already finish? Since there will be a sun shining so brightly after that. On the previous post, we already covering this topic, but we are gonna explain it in more detail about the benefits of it. Base currency is a currency that was listed in an exchange as a hedging asset and the one who act as a base changer towards other cryptocurrency. After studying the API reader in market data such; we found that DDK manage to be listed as follows : Bitcoin : (quote) DDK/BTC (base) Tether : (quote) DDK/USDT (base) Ethereum : (quote) ETH/DDK (base) DDKoin : (quote) SURE/DDK (base) Benefits of DDK as base currency : 1) Price of other coin are calculated based on DDK unit. 2) Volume of other coin that paired with DDK will be determined by DDK and at the same time the volume will be reflected to the DDK volume. 3) Increase of volume is an increasement of liquidity. 4) Base currency also enables the asset itself face a bearish trending market or a crisis in the economy. As you can see the proof right now COVID-19 issue didn’t bother the support and resistance of Bitcoin and Ethereum at all. This iniativie must supported by a community in order to see a bright future of your hodling asset. DDKoin coming soon, sign up now :
  2. Hello, Surface is a crypto-to-crypto trading platform and the one who gonna make DDK as a base currency with multiple quotes. Here we provides you our 5 API endpoint if any of you want to intergrate our trading volume into your website our digital wallet :