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  1. Product promotion and endorsement nowadays are not limited in television, radio or in news paper. Many entrepreneurs opted to sell or promote online using social media platforms instead of those conventional means. These means of promotion is not a secret as far as our knowledge is concern and not complicated to use. But the question is, how some folks maximize their promotion and compete to those people using the same platform as they were? They use those what they called "Vloggers" or "influencer" to promote the product. If management will use or adapt the same method, it would make a big impact in the market. Idea is to educate a people who had already an influence in any social media platform. Feed him all the knowledge he/she needs. Offer him/her free DDK for the effort he/she's going to take. In my opinion, it would be best if you choose an influencer from different fields(e.g accounting, marinitme, education, food industry etc.). They will act as the leader of their respective industry. Hope this idea will help a lot to promote this technology.