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  1. I would like to make suggestion regards to our platform. I'm a seafarer and sometimes I'm having difficulty to track the time (platform time) as we move around the world. Plus, internet connectivity is another issue. So I will take this opportunity to offer some suggestion. 1. Is it possible to use GMT as our fixed base time in DDK platform? 2. Could we add some countdown timer for every stake like the way ETPS was ran? 3. Let say if countdown was completed and voting is now possible, it is good if VOTE button will instantly appear and once press, those only that we haven't voted yet will appear. Excluding those already been voted. In this case, we don't need to navigate much and somehow survive from connectivity issues in our network onboard. Maybe this idea is too much or maybe non sense for somebody. I wasn't expecting this to be treated as priority, but atleast, I brought up what's in my mind. These simple things will be a great healp for those people like me. Thank you for listening...