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Found 4 results

  1. Since 2015, DDK has been a global platform aimed at generating economic opportunities through the creation of blockchain solutions. The global network has successfully spread through a range of countries including Malaysia , Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam , Thailand, Indonesia , Brunei, Philippines, Japan, Yemen, the United States and other countries around the world. Although the DDK Forum provides ample information and a good place for community discussion, everyone can now share, comment and provide feedback on the DDK. Nevertheless, in my opinion, as far as novice users are concerned, it is difficult to get information. Therefore, the platform still needs to be restructured in order to be easily accessible. For example, need to categorize some of the information for different levels: novice/ intermediate/ advanced level. Furthermore DDK offers a platform for DDK merchants that accept DDK as a payment method. However, I think DDK should begin to promote simple services to DDK communities for individuals who do not hold legal certificates from any company such as proof-reading, designer jobs, etc. With its innovative structure, the DDK platform will provide more efficient user incentives to boost economic growth.Therefore, we need easy, user-friendly systems to educate and create more opportunities for the process of e-commerce and social networking along with everything – shopping, reading and consuming media.
  2. Hello DDK Bounty Hunters! DDK Bounty Contest Round 2 is going full steam ahead. Many people are participating and you can do so too. There is 20 DDK prize that you can win if you are creative, so why wait? DDK Bounty Contest Round 2 will conclude on 10th May 2020, which means you still have 10 days to get your hands on the prize! 🗓 For further requirements please refer to our DDK Bounty Contest Round 2 Poster. (T&C applied) Good luck and happy bounty hunting! Keep supporting DDK! Get Latest News Join our DDK forum: Visit DDK Website: Join the DDK community Blog: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Quora: Telegram: Instagram: Blog:
  3. Hi and greetings to all! Allow me to introduce myself to the community. My name is Faihah Jihah from Malaysia. I started knowing about DDK from my mother which leads me to discover more about it. Honestly, the first time when I heard about DDK.I was so atheistical, because I have no idea and couldn't think of it in the first place. When my mother started to tell me more about cryptocurrencies and bitcoin, those started to linger in my mind, what is really the use of cryptocurrencies, and so on. First of all, I couldn't trust any of these websites, as you can see today, there are many scammers that you can't trust. Then I tried to do some more work on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. I realize somehow that blockchain is a type of spreadsheet that contains information about transactions. At the same time, DDK is a community platform designed to create economic opportunities through the development of blockchain solutions. The DDK platform uses the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) mechanism in its core. One of the major advantages of DPoS resistance to our community is that it depends on the members of the community to participate in the platform maintenance and security so that every participant takes advantage of others This gives me to gain more knowledge about the use and benefits of blockchain technology. I hope that DDK will be able to fulfill its mission, and we all benefit from this borderless technology.
  4. Attention DDK Bounty Hunters! DDK Bounty Contest Round 1 has started now! "Get To Know You" Contest Round 1 duration: 13th April 2020 - 19th April 2020. To participate this contest, you may register through this link: For further requirements kindly refer to our DDK Bounty Contest Round 1 Poster or visit our blog (T&C applied) So, what are you waiting for? Join the forum and get creative with your introduction. Remember to make them interesting. Good luck and happy bounty hunting! Get Latest News Join our DDK forum: Visit DDK Website: Join the DDK community Blog: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Quora: Telegram: Instagram: #ddkfoundation #ddk #millions #bountyprogram #Introduction #DDKbountycontest #AEPOS #NewYear2020 #Achievements #Community #DDkforum #CEO #Market #MarketRecognize #Blockchain #DDKTechnical #ddkplatform #DPoS #AEPoS #blockchaintechnology #community #Trading #Transparency #DDKoin #keepsupportingDDK #Covid19 #StaySafe