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Letter from SIMEX

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We would like to let you know about unique limited opportunities in connection with our trading platform:
1. Cut your losses of DDK becoming a shareholder of Simex!*
We are well aware of the significant price decrease of DDK tokens. Unless you have a time machine, you may incur significant losses. However, we are offering the following:
If you buy SIMX** tokens, the Simex Platform will offer you to exchange your DDK tokens at the presale price ($180 USD) for SIMX tokens. A SIMX token is a digital representation of shares of common stock of Simex Group Inc. – a publicly-traded company incorporated under the law of the State of Nevada, USA. Simex Group Inc. through its subsidiaries and affiliates owns and controls a Simex Platform, a licensed cryptocurrency exchange organized and existing under the laws of the European Union.
DDK tokens will be exchanged for SIMX tokens at the exchange rate of the trading price of SIMX tokens. The DDK tokens price will be calculated at their original presale price of $180 per token. The exchange amount is limited to the price paid for the SIMX tokens.
If you purchase SIMX tokens in the amount of $1,000 USD, then you will receive an additional number of SIMX tokens by exchanging your DDK tokens (at pre resale price equals to 180$ USD per DDK) up to the maximum of $1,000 USD.
2. Purchase shares of American public companies through Simex Platform.***
All SIMEX exchange clients holding DDK tokens have an opportunity to transfer their account management to professional investment advisors licensed in the United States in order to form an investment portfolio from US (NASDAQ and NYSE) and Europe (London Stocks Exchange)  publicly and privately traded companies (listed as STO at Simex) and their corresponding shares, if the price of their total digital assets in BTC, ETH, or USDT is higher than $1,000 USD. All DDK tokens holders are eligible to apply for the offer. The minimum period is 3 months. You will pay a fee of 20% of the profit earned.
If you are interested, please amend the settings of your account as follows: add as a “trader” in your account management

Sila kaji..dan apa pendapat anda..

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Alternative option to dump ddk.  However 20% payable is high.  

Is it opened only to swap ddk or others coins?  Also note that ddk (coin) exchange to SIMX token is totally 2 different animal. 

Need to clarify further.




















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yang pasti dulu..SIMEX turut prihatin atas bearish ya DDK...dan memberi solusi...

beda dengan orang DDK..."tak apa2 turun"....tanpa solusi..

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