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Congratulation to all DDK Bounty Program Winner!

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DDK Bounty Team would like to Congratulate all DDK Bounty Program participant that have received and awarded the bounty rewards.

Here is the list of the winner and you may click on the link to check out on their translation/video.

Translation & Moderation categories

1.    DDKSemarang (M Faiq Rizal), Indonesia

       Article: DDK Whitepaper in Bahasa Indonesia


2.    Andika Saputra Abdullah, Indonesia

      Article: Translation of article ‘Di Sebalik Ekosistem DNC & DDK in English Language

3.    Mohd Esta Husna Bin Zainal, Malaysia

       Article: Translation of article ‘Di Sebalik Ekosistem DNC & DDK in English Language

4.    Ismail Bin Abinting, Malaysia

       Article: Translation of article ‘Di Sebalik Ekosistem DNC & DDK in Sabahan Native Language


YouTube Categories

1.    Rahmadsyah Pulungan, Indonesia

      Video: Tutorial Lengkap Tentang Pengertian DDKoin dan Cara Mendaftar DDKoin



2.    Amir Crypto Sabah, Malaysia

       Video: Cara demo withdraw ddk to simex

      Video: Cara2 pengiraan harga ddk

      Video: Cara2 mengira keuntungan ddkoin part 3

     Video: Penerangan sifu zale tentang kelebihan ddkoin

    Video: Cara2 gabungkan akaun ddk kepada 1 akaun

    Video: Cara daftar akaun bcoin pencairan pertama ddk

   Video: Cara2 voting guna phone


For more information regarding DDK Bounty Program T&C kindly refer here

Lets be a part of DDK Bounty Hunters and enjoy your bounty rewards.

-DDK Bounty Team-

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